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Bansda National Park

Bansda National Park

Park At A Glance

IUCN Category

II (National Park)






24 Square Km.

Year of Notification

9 April 1979


20oCelsius Max. 44oCelsius.


7326.05o to 73.29.31oE


20.44.50o -20.43.29oN

Bansda National Park

Vegetation: Tropical Thorn Forest, Tropical Secondary Scrub, mixed deciduous type of the forest is littoral forest.

Fauna (Animals): Lesser Bandicoot Rat, Bandicoot Rat, Jackal Chital/Spotted beer sambar short-nose fruit bat orange bellied Himalayan squirrel., Jungle cat common mongoose small Indian Mongoose Ruddy Mongoose Striped Hyena Slender Leopard, Rusty spotted cat Brown rat common yellow bat common langur house grey musk shrew wild pig Indian gerbil four horned antelope Malabar civet small Indian civet Bengal fox.

Recommended Period For Visit:
November to April

Nearest Town


Nearest Railway Station


Nearest Airport

Vadodara Ahmedabad (Ahmedabad)


Rest Houses

Wildlife Authority

By. C. F., south dangs division ahwa Dangs Tel. 02631-20246 Fax: 20918
Chief Wildlife Warden, Govt. of Gujarat, Dr. Jivaji Mehta Bhawan
Block No. 14, Ist Floor, Old Sachivalaya Gandhinagar 382010 (Gufarat).
Tel; 02712-230007, 221097, Fax; 220166

Valuable Reference

Tourist Information Bureau, H.K. House Ground floor (Opp. Ashram Road), Ahmedabad 380009, Tel. 460640.

Secretary Forest & wildlife Government of Gujarat, Gandhi Nagar (Gujarat).


Although the area of Bansda is small, it supports rich diversity of flora and fauna of the western Ghat. It is surrounded Bansda National Parkby luxuriant dense forests of the dangs and valsad districts. The major part of the park falls in the catchment area of Ambika river whivh maintains the health of the watershed.

The forests are in their pristine glory because there has been no cutting of trees after 1925. Here the height of top canopy of forest exceeds 30 m at foothills and plains due to adequate soil depth and plains due to adequate soil depth and moisture condition. This is one of the best forests of Dangs, which support over 700 species of identified and recorded flowering plants but actual number may be higher than this. Teak (Tctona grandis) Tanachh (Ougenia oogeinsis) sadad (Terminalia crenulata) baheda (T. balerica), safed siras (Albizaz procera), sisam (Dalbergia latifolia) haldu (Adina cordifilia) khakharo (Butea monosperma) siras (Albiziaz lebbek), katus bamboo (Bambusa arundinaceae).This park harbours a wide range of faunal species like Tiger leopard pangolin, rusty spotted cat python giant squirrel four horned antelope. Few threatened species belonging to schedule I of Wildlife (protection) Act 1972 are found in this park. Other important animals are sambar chital barking deer, hanuman langur rhesus macaque hyena jungle cat mongoose porcupine wild boar etc. In addition to above several species of rodents bats birds reptiles and insects are found in the area.

Black buck hyaena sambar and number of bird species represent the wildlife which can be seen here. The other variety of animals seen some time or other in this PA is represented by Bandicoot Rat, Bandicoot Rat, Jackal Chital Spotted Deer Sambar Short nosed Fruit Bat Orange-Bellied Himalayan Squirrel., Jungle Cat Common Mongoose Small Indian Mongoose Ruddy Mongoose Striped Hyena, Slender Loris Indian Pangolin Sloth Bear Leopard Indian pangolin, Sloth Beear Leopard Tustyspotted Cat Brown Rat Black Rat Fulvous Fruit Bat Common Yellow Bat Common Langur House Grey musk shrew, wild pig Indian Gerbil Four horned Antelope Malabar Civet Small Indian Civet Bengal Fox.
This wildlife reserve falls the southern part of state (in Bulsad district) of Gujarat and came into existence with the notification in the year 1979. It covers an area of nearly 25 sq. km. the park area (terrain) is undulating small hills in the area believed as extension of western Ghats.

The local climate is tropical which the sea in proximity influences. The vegetation i8n the park area is mixed deciduous and the type of the forest is littoral forest. Tropical thorn forest is also represented here

November to April is recommended period for visits at Bansda. Rest houses are available here park authorities need to be contacted timely for this purpose. Bulsad which is a district head quarter is the nearest town one can travel by road or train up to here. Vadodara (Baroda) and Ahmedabad.