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Mahasamund Tourism and Travel Guide

MahasamundHistory of Mahasamund
Mahasamund is the administrative headquarters of Mahasamund District. The historical city of Mahasamund is also a municipality in the Mahasamund District in the Chhattisgarh state.The History of Mahasamund has a significant value and a historical importance attached to it. A look into the History of Mahasamund will tell us that there have been tribes living in the region since the ancient times. There is a massive number of different types of tribes living in the city. The different types of tribes are Kamar, Kanwar, Dhanwar, Halba, Kharai, Munda, Pardhi, Bahalia, Saur, Saharia, Sonar, Sanwara, Kharwar, Bhujia and Binjhwar.

The dressing styles and patterns of the people in the city are traditional and simple. The attire of the male is usually a Dhoti, Kurtha and a Turban on their head with a piece of clothing round the neck. They also wear a special type of leather shoe. This leather shoe is known as Bhandai. The female prefer to wear saris with special type of leather footwear known as Atkaria. According to the History of Mahasamund, the dressing style has been followed for decades and is still being maintained. The language spoken here is known as 'Chhattisgari'.

There are quite a few fairs and festivals that are celebrated throughout the year. The celebrations go on from the month of Chaitra to Phalgoon. There is a custom of giving gifts and also inviting friends as well as relatives for feasts. The city is also known to provide a great scope for mining due to the fact that there is a great availability of Granite rocks and Limestone rocks.

How to Reach Mahasamund
The picturesque city of Mahasamund is a municipality in the Mahasamund District. It is also the administrative headquarters of the Mahasamund District. The tribal population in the district is 28.9%. Dhanwar, Halba, Bhujia, Binjhwar, Kamar, Pardhi, Bahalia, Kanwar, Kharwar, Kharai, Saur, Saharia, Sonar, Sanwara and Munda are the tribes living in the district. While planning a tour to Mahasamund people need not have to worry about How to Reach Mahasamund as the city is well connected by road and rail.

MahasamundSightseeing in Mahasamund is fun filled as there are quite a few tourist attraction spots. Every year thousands of tourists from each and every corner of the world and from all around India come and visit the beautiful city of Mahasamund. The popular tourist attraction spots in the city include Swastik Vihar, Gandheswar Temple, Laxman Temple and Anand Prabhu Kudi Vihar.

For detailed information on How to Reach Mahasamund please refer to the following:

How to reach Mahasamund by air: The nearest airport to Mahasamund is Raipur. There are flights to Raipur from Mumbai, Bhubneshwar and Nagpur.

How to reach Mahasamund by rail: The trains which ply from Mumbai to Vishakhapattanam stop by at Mahasamud. Even trains going from Kolkata to Vishakhapattanam and Mumbai cross Mahasamund.

How to reach Mahasamund by road: Mahasamund is connected to Kolkata and Mumbai by road. There are numerous buses that run on these roads. Mahasamund is also quite well connected to the other cities in India by road.

Shopping in Mahasamund
Mahasamund is a municipality in the Mahasamund District in Chhattisgarh. The main culture prevalent in Mahasamund is the tribal culture. With a tribal population of 28.9%, the different types of tribes are Sonar, Kamar, Kanwar, Bahalia, Saur, Pardhi, Kharai, Munda, Binjhwar, Sanwara, Dhanwar, Halba, Kharwar, Bhujia and Saharia. Shopping in Mahasamund can be an exciting experience if the tourists manage to reach the right place in the right time and for the right thing.

While Shopping in Mahasamund the tourists can pick and choose from the wide range of items that are on display in the Mahasamund markets. People can buy small artifact made out of dhokra, jewelry, metal wares, small statues made out of stone, and articles made out of cane and bamboo. The articles are mainly made by the tribal people who reside in the district. These articles are of great traditional and artistic value. Mahasamund is definitely the ultimate shopping destination for people who like collecting tribal artifacts. The tribal products that are sold in Mahasamund reflect the culture and tradition of the tribes living in the district.