How to Travel from India to Nepal?

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How to Travel from India to Nepal ?

How to Travel from India to Nepal? If you are planning a trip to India and Nepal and want to go from India to Nepal by land or vice versa, this post interests you a lot. We will explain how this border crossing of Sonauli / Belahiya works, the best ways to get there and if you have any setbacks, some useful alternative. But the best way to travel is Airlines.

How to Travel from India to Nepal?

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How to Travel from India to Nepal? How to cross the border of India and Nepal by land: the border of Sonauli / Belahiya. The border crossing most used to travel by land between these two countries is known as Sonauli. Sonauli is the last village of India and Belahiya the first of Nepal, although to refer to the border, in Nepal, they also call the destination Sonauli. Crossing the border by land will take you one day and one morning, approximately.

Let’s not look at reality from the comfort of our chair, let’s get to know it and transform it. The world is not a place as dangerous as many people would have us believe. Rather the complete opposite; He is hospitable and friendly.


How to Travel from India to Nepal? In general, Nepal is usually a country associated with India, Tibet or China; as if by itself it did not have the capacity to sustain itself as an independent country for tourism. Nepal was the place where all the travelers of India renewed their visa, but with the passage of time it grew more and more (in tourist terms) and today it has its own entity. Of course, all growth brings its benefits and its disadvantages.

How to Travel from India to Nepal ?


How to Travel from India to Nepal? The tourist visa is processed on arrival, whether they enter by land or by flight. It is very easy to process, they only require a photo ID, fill out a form and the sum in dollars of the value of the visa. The rate will depend on the stay in the country. The values ​​are the following:

Transit -> 5 USD
15 days -> 25 USD
30 days -> 40 USD
90 days -> 100 USD

How to Travel from India to Nepal? The duration of the visa can be extended at the migration offices in both Kathmandu and Pokhara. For the process they require another photo card, copy of the passport and the corresponding dollar amount. The value of the extension is USD2 per day with a maximum of 150 days in total.

From India

How to Travel from India to Nepal? By land there are 5 land crossings. The most popular is near Varanasi (Sunauli-Bhairawa crossing). Then there are crosses near Delhi (Banbassa-Mahendrenagar), near Calcutta (Raxaul-Birganj), near Darjeeling (Siliguri-Kakarbhita) and near the city of Lucknow (Bahraich-Nepalganje).

Vaccination and Medicines

Polio (reinforcement)
Hepatitis A and B (reinforcement)
Tetanus (reinforcement)
Pills for malaria to take in certain areas of Asia.

How to Travel from India to Nepal ?


How to Travel from India to Nepal?The official currency is the Nepalese Rupee. The value of the bills is 5.10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000 rupees. The tickets are different colors and carry the image of animals in the area (they are very beautiful). There are also coins of lesser value.

It is important to think about how to manage finances. There are several options:

How to Travel from India to Nepal? Travel with travelers checks: In all the important cities there are agencies that accept them.
How to Travel from India to Nepal? Travel with cash: The easiest is to exchange dollars or euros for local currency.

How to Travel from India to Nepal? Take out money via ATMs: ATMs are everywhere. But keep in mind that most places do not accept credit cards. Also keep in mind that no ATM in Nepal works with American Express.

How to Travel from India to Nepal? The easiest and simplest thing was to get money from ATMs as the trip progresses. In most cities and towns you will find one and you can get rupees with your credit or debit card. This option was the safest and cheapest. The drawback is that you need a bank account or at least a card in your name.

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