Tips for Women Traveling Alone in India

By : Renu Shekhawat
Tips for Women Traveling Alone in India

Tips for Women Traveling Alone in India, India, a country that fascinates. The senses awake, hurt and then soften … A country endearing and repulsive at the same time, some adore it, others hate it, some can not stay more than a day while others want to definitely install. Most will come back several times to try to unravel their secrets and understand the logic where beauty and chaos come together every day.

Tips for Women Traveling Alone in India, a profusion of noises, smells, people, meetings, questions, dirt, majestic monuments … A country where we go from the sand desert to the Himalayan range; palaces of Rajasthan at the gaths of Varanasi; slums in the Taj Mahal; extreme temperatures from Kashmir to the beaches of Kerala.

Tips for Women Traveling Alone in India

Tips for Women Traveling Alone in India, you will meet and be assisted by our representative driver who will welcome you and take you to your previously booked hotel. Summer, winter holiday destinations in India, hotel booking, train booking, flight booking, car, driver, guide, escort, and shopping anything you need in your travel the team of India’s Invitation will make all the arrangements so perfect for your budget, India’s Invitation  says  travel with us because we care!

Route in India

Tips for Women Traveling Alone in India, prepare your itinerary in advance with India’s Invitation with all the necessary bookings is the number one rule for a solo trip as a woman! This is particularly important in India. Going on an adventure in India without a minimum of preparation is not really a good idea. It is easy to get lost in major cities, we want to avoid being alone in the street with all our luggage looking for a hotel or waiting for a train, and we naturally want to optimize our time in India. So girls, find out and organize your itinerary according to your desires and interests!

Tips for Women Traveling Alone in India

Book in Advance

Tips for Women Traveling Alone in India, make sure to be picked up at the airport or train station by agreeing in advance with your hotel for an official pickup. It is also best for women to travel to India during the day rather than overnight. And the best is book your travel plan with India’s Invitation to avoid these problems.

Experience Tuk-Tuk in City

Tips for Women Traveling Alone in India, the most “fun” transportation in India is without a doubt the Tuk Tuk! Practical and inexpensive, it facilitates travel and makes you live the Indian experience as a real local. Have your route on a map or on your phone’s GPS! Avoid taking tuk-tuk at night anyway!

Is it possible to work in India?

Tips for Women Traveling Alone in India, India is a fairly conservative country and modesty is in order. The idea is to be invisible, to blend in the mass, just to avoid the perverse or insistent glances, which are quite common when one is a woman traveling alone in India.

What to Wear

Forget your shorts and mini skirts and go for the full pants and tshirts! Always take a large shawl that you put on your shoulders and chest especially to visit the temples! The Indians may show their bellies, but the rest of their body remains coverd. The ideal is to buy everything on site because this kind of clothing is available everywhere, and is especially very cheap.

Dressing in traditional clothes in beautiful saris is not only practical for protecting yourself from the heat and blending into the background, but it is also a sign of integration and respect, which will earn you points from the local community.

Tips for Women Traveling Alone in India

Know India Better

Tips for Women Traveling Alone in India, make friends! Go meet other travelers or even locals. Follow your heart and your feminine intuition, it will not deceive you. The Indians are generally very helpful and can make your trip even more enjoyable by introducing you to unusual places, or invite you to live unique experiences in India (rituals, weddings etc.).

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