Bundi Tourism


Bundi Tourism and Travel Guide

Cuisine: Boondi Raita is a typical side dish from the Punjabi Cuisine. Milk products are a main part of Punjabi food. Raitas are usually salads in Yoghurt but boondi raita is different due to the addition of Boondi instead of salads! Boondi is a snack made from chickpea flour and can be prepared at home with some efforts! But since it is easily available in Indian stores, the raita becomes easy more easier to prepare.. Boondi raita with paratha is a cool combination

Bundi Tourism
Bundi Tourism

for a weekend breakfast.. The boondi is initially soaked in water.. hence the oil from boondi drains off.. And hence the raita becomes even more healthy 🙂 Here goes the recipe of Boondi Raita for RCI Punjabi Cuisine!

Shopping: Shopping in Bundi may not be as thrilling as in other cities of Rajasthan.But still a tourist can pick up souvenirs from the many shops in Bundi.The bazaars (markets) in Bundi are striking because they still retain their medieval look.

Bundi is famous for its cotton carpets, which you can find in the shops in the main bazaar.Bundi is also known for its paintings, especially miniature paintings marked by a particular green tint and almost lyrical in its creative expression.

One can also buy beautiful Kota sarees, stone statues, wooden toys, lac bangles or colorful odhnis (shawls) from this beautiful and colorful town in Rajasthan.


Kajli Teej: Teej festival is celebrated all over the state with each region having its own unique  touch. Kajli Teej of Bundi is different in several ways, while Teej is celebrated on the third day of the month of Shravana, in Bundi it is celebrated on the third day of the month of Bhadra.

The festival starts with the procession of goddess Teej in a decorated palanquin from the beautiful naval Sagar. It passes through the main bazaars and termintes at Azad Park. The procession has decorated elephants, camels, bands, performing artists and colourfully dressed people.

The people who gather here from surrounding areas also get to watch and participate in the cultural programmes that are organised in the evenings.It provides a very good chance to see performances by local artists from Hadoti region. Though the main function of Teej is held only on two days, the celebrations continue upto Janmashtami, which marks the birth of Lord Krishna.

Keshav Rai Patan Fair (Oct-Nov) the celebrations start on Kartik Poornima and continues for ten days. Large number of devotees gather overhere to take a holy dip in the river chambal and pray to God Keshav Rai Ji.


Taragarh Fort: It was built in 1345 and is great ramble around at leisure. This is rather a ramshackle fort, with its overgrown vegetation.

The view over the town and surrounding countryside from the top are magical, especially at sun set. Inside the ramparts are huge reservoirs carved out of solid rock, and the Bhim Burj, the largest of the battle- fields, on which there is mounted a famous cannon. Taragarh is reached by steep road leading up

Bundi Tourism
Bundi Tourism

the hillside to its enormous gateway. Take a path up behind the chitra Shala, go east along the inside of the ramparts then left up the steep stone ramp just before the Dudha Mahal, a small disused building 200m from the palace.

Sukh Niwas Palaces: Sukh Niwas Palaces evokes memories of RUDYARD KIPLING who not only stayed here but found inspiration for his famous work KIM.

 Sar Bagh: SAR BAGH has 66 royal cenotaphs. Step wells (Bawari) are another prominent highlights ofBundi, these served as water reservoirs in the months of summers, there were over 50 wells but many of them had to suffer the ravages of the time. The CHHATAR MAHAL is adorned with beautiful wall paintings of the famous BundiSchool. And so are the ZANANA MAHAL (palace for the queens) and BADAL MAHAL.

Phool Sagar: The PHOOL SAGAR is an excellent and well-planned structure as also the decoration of this Rajput edifice, and the same beauty lies in the massive TARAGARH. This little town has yet retained a medieval atmosphere. Bundi is not exactly a tourist tramping ground but never the less, this adds on to its appeal with a curiosity to explore it. The look of the town has a Bluish hue same as that of Jodhpur. With no renovating desire, the art is in a crumbling state of disrepair. The original history claims that Bundi was once the capital of the great HADOTI KINGDOM. But then KOTA in 1624 was separated as an independent state and thus the journey of Bundi downfall started. A prominent author approached BUNDI, He came, He saw and He created RUDYARD KIPLING’s inspiration took birth in the state of Bundi and so inspired was he by the enchanting set up that he captured its images and applied them to his works.


In Summer: 43 C (Max) – 35 C (Min)

In winter: 37.5 C (Max) – 5 C (Min)

Rainy Season: July to Mid Sept, and very humid (upto 90%) Best Time to Visit: Best time to come: Oct to March

How to Reach?

By Air: The nearest airport is the International Airport at Jaipur,

By Rail: The railway station at Bundi has rail connections between Bundi and other important cities like Kota, Agra, Chittogarh, Benaras, and Jaipur and so on.

By Road: Bundi is well connected by buses to Ajmer (5 hours), Kota (1 hour) and Jaipur(5hours).

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