How to bargain while traveling to India smartly to get the best deal?

By : Advitya Shekhawat

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How to do bargaining in India while traveling in India smartly to get the best deals: Indians are considered as the best bargainer in the world. Indians are expert crossing the fine emotional line and make you sympathize with them. Here we will be telling you the ingredient and recipe of bargaining successfully in India. Read more to know How to bargain in India?

When you are traveling in India you will be seeing so many things that you want to take home. You want to get the best deal on those beautiful items but the Indian Shopkeeper is standing in your way. Please remain assured that this path of getting the best deal from an Indian shopkeeper is not going to be easy. Here I am going to tell you what are the basic things or techniques that you may use and try to get the best price – Bargaining in India.

Here are some of the best bargaining techniques for shopping in India!

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  • Explore the Market before buying: When you starting your shopping just roam around few shops in the market. Once you visit these shops you will get an idea of the price of different items. And once you have the basic idea of the market rates then you may start looking for the desired thing in the market. Read more to know How to bargain in India?

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  • Show you are a serious Buyer: Once you enter the shop please make sure you do some browsing. It will give an impression to the shopkeeper that you are a serious shopkeeper and the shopkeeper will invest time in you. Read more to know How to bargain in India?

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  • Memorize two words and say Loudly “Too High”: The first two words that you need to say after rising your eyebrows are “Too High”. This will make the shopkeepers morals down and he will not take chances of giving you the higher price for the similar Items. Read more to know How to bargain in India?
  • Take your time: When I say take your time means once the shopkeeper gives you an offer he wants you to settle down with that price as quickly as possible. But if you take time and not letting the shopkeeper know if you liked the offer or not the chances are really high that he will make you a better offer. Read more to know How to bargain in India?


  • The illusion of your choice: Never let the shopkeeper know what is your first choice from the items that he is showing to you. Maybe you are desperate to buy something from this shop but you need to act cool and keep on diverting the shopkeeper. Keep on asking and bargaining the other items. Once the shopkeeper is about to settle on a product then you bring in the desired item in the scenario. AS if he knows what you like the most he will not reduce the rate of that product. Read more to know How to bargain in India?

how to bargain while shopping in india

  • Keep a Minimum Price in your mind: As you roam around in the market you know more or less the price of a product. So when you start bargaining start lower than your minimum price (As you may also raise your offer) that you have decided in your mind. The shopkeeper will bring the price down and you raise the price and when you reach to your minimum decided price, go ahead and take it. Read more to know How to bargain in India?

how to bargain while traveling in india

  • Tag Team: If you are two people who are entraining the shop please make sure that you act as a Tag team. The first person who wants to buys something will act as “Yes man” and the second person will keep on looking for the negative point of buying the product (Color, Size, design or price) or buying the product from this shop (Quality or service of the product). This will keep the shopkeeper on the back foot and doesn’t let the shopkeeper sell the product at his cost. Read more to know How to bargain in India?

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  • Walk Out and Take your chances – Bargaining in India: When the shop doesn’t have many buyers this trick works fine. When I say works fine means it works 90% of the time. If you are not able to bring the price down or facing a skilled bargainer who is giving you really hard time, say sorry “I can’t buy at this price” and walk out. As I said this works 90% (when the show does not crow) they will call you back and offer you a better price. Read more to know How to bargain in India?
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  • Above All Ignore all stories – Bargaining in India: Please remain that you will be hearing many stories that will emotionally blackmail you. Ignore all these stories. These stories are just to make you feel emotional and but the product in their price. As once you start believing they will try to sell you the product at higher price. These stories may include “all money that we earn goes to an Orphanage” or “Poor kids working to make these products and they need to feed their family” or “Poor widows are making the product” or “the money will go to cancer affect people” and much more. PLEASE DO NOT BELIEVE THEM.
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