Travel Review : Trip to Diu an beautiful Island.

Review by traveler - Pragya Agarwal

On 06/11/2016 From India

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North India

Overall Feedback On The Trips And The Servies of India's Invitation

I, Pragya Agarwal, a resident of Jaipur, recently went for a trip to the beautiful island of Diu. The trip was well planned & managed by our tour operator India’s Invitation. Going to an island for the first time, that too with such guidance, was an amazing experience.

The mesmerizing view right at the entry to Diu took my breath. We were taken on a bus ride throughout the town before landing at our hotel. The tour operator took complete care of our meals and hygiene at the same time. Afterward, we were provided with bikes and helmets (so as to ensure safety) and were given a map of roads of this sweet little town. We were on our own then. The tour operator met us at all destinations and kept a record of our happiness & needs. This way we could tour around all the places mentioned in our bucket list which included all beaches, sunset points, museums, churches, etc. The greenery along the roads gave life to the journey. Nights at the hotel too were spent peacefully. Contentment was what we experienced.

 It was just a 2-day trip and those 48 hours were planned so well that we did not miss out on anything. We had a lifetime experience, away from all stress, connecting with nature, rejoicing & loving life. Much thanks to India’s Invitation for organizing a trip so good while simultaneously catering to the needs of the tourists at all times.

What were the most enjoyable or memorable parts of your trip?

I went to trip with my friends, and it was very memorable for me.

Services of Hotels

The service of the hotel was excellent.

Services of Guides

The guide service was also excellent.

Services of Driver

The driver was well experienced.

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