10 myths about India

Renu Shekhawat By : Renu Shekhawat
10 myths about India

10 myths about India, India is a beautiful country which makes you excite in every single minutes, saris, chai tea, elephant rides, and lots of questions,  how much of what is counted in India is true? Here we reveal several myths about this magical country so that they do not leave with the feint:

10 myths about India

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Street food is unhealthy

It is one of the 10 myths about India, if you eat tacos on the street or the cakes on the corner, then nothing will happen to you! As long as the food is being cooked before your eyes and / or fried, nothing happens. A clear example is that you will always see gentlemen selling chai tea on the street (original and nothing compared to what you buy at Starbucks), where they boil the water, prepare it with cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, black tea and milk and believe me it is the most delicious and cheap and nothing happens if you consume it on the street!

India is a poor country

It is one of the 10 myths about India, it is a very poor country. I do not know why on this side of the world we judge and believe that we are better than India, when of course it is true that there is still a large part of the population living on less than $ 1 a day, but we also see a great middle-class ancestry. And as they said there, “Do not judge someone as poor, you do not know how rich that person is inside”.

They do not eat meat

It is one of the 10 myths about India, there are different religions in India, one of them is Hinduism in which you do not eat beef or pork, but they eat chicken and meat. In South India, Christianity is very strong; It is the third most important religion since they were conquered by the Portuguese, then in places like Goa, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Northeast India if you eat beef.

Indian food is very spicy

It is one of the 10 myths about India, ok, that depends on tastes, but for Mexicans the Indian food is very similar to the Mexican one, it has spicy, sauces, they use the rotti (something like the whole flour tortilla).

10 myths about India

Traveling to India is dangerous

It is one of the 10 myths about India, it is one thing to be surprised by the customs of others and another to travel alone in this country can be dangerous. India is one of the most visited countries by backpackers from all over the world, it is even common to see young couples traveling with babies or children or even women traveling alone. India is as big as Mexico and it also depends where you go, there are places a little more dangerous than others like the north-border with Pakistan, but the rest does not have to be dangerous.

They are Indian, not Hindu

It is one of the 10 myths about India, Hindu (Hinduism is religion). This is one of the most common mistakes, since in Spanish a Hindu is only a person who practices a religion called Hinduism, and in India besides Hindus there are Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists, etc.

They do not use toilet paper

It is one of the 10 myths about India, this is one of the great myths and is that before the left hand was used to wash after going to the bathroom, when even remote villages and communities did not use toilet paper, however this practice is almost non-existent especially in large cities, The tradition of reserving the use of the right hand for eating or other uses is still preserved, however this does not mean that there is no toilet paper and that the left hand continues to be used to wash after going to the bathroom.

Animals on Streets

It is one of the 10 myths about India, Camels and elephants are loose on the street. This is only true in some regions and cities. This is almost not seen for example in cities like Mumbai, where the most common is to see cars everywhere.

Overloaded Trains

It is one of the 10 myths about India, the trains are always full and of poor quality. This depends a lot on the type of class you buy, but I can assure you that the quality and service of many trains is better than in some European countries. In first and second class you usually have a reserved seat, a blanket, pillow, and meals included. Even in some 3rd class trains you have the option of a bed with pillow and air conditioning, so it’s not like they paint it in the movies.

10 myths about India


It is one of the 10 myths about India, all women wear sari and are covered. This applies to many places, especially in small cities or towns. The sari is usually worn at weddings and special events. So it is not uncommon to see Indian girls dressed in the latest European or US fashion in cosmopolitan cities like Mumbai or Delhi, even in clubs and nightclubs, women dress very Western.

Now that you know 10 myths about India, it’s time to continue exploring the world. Tell me what you think about this post and if you would like to add another option. Do not forget to share this post with your friends.

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