Amazing things to do in Kerala

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Best things to do in Kerala

Amazing things to do in Kerala, Kerala is the Venice of the East, a romantic capital of southern India and the country of God. This place is full of breathtaking landscapes and romantic places. Starting from the suspended waters that vibrate and reaching the mountain with the smell of wood; You can find everything in one place. Are you an enthusiast, backpacker or romantic person? No matter what type of vacation you are looking for, Kerala is always the best option. There are many things to do and places to enjoy here. This article is dedicated to mentioning these things that you should not miss when visiting Kerala for the first time.

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Walk in Shikara

Amazing things to do in Kerala, Shikara is something similar to a houseboat, but it can accommodate a lot of people in it. Alappuzha is an important tourist destination and paradise of backwaters in Kerala. If you take a walk in Shikaraa through the backwaters of Alappuzha, you can enjoy a lush view of the village vegetation, many exotic and local birds, in general a breathtaking view of nature. This trip lasts approximately four hours, it is also much more accessible than a houseboat.

Amazing things to do in Kerala

Snake Boat Race

Amazing things to do in Kerala, if you are about to visit Kerala during the high season of tourism, which runs between the months of July and September, you can enjoy the snake boat race. Onam is a festival held in this state, in which people celebrate making snake boat races in the backwaters of Alappuzha. These types of boats are in the form of long, thin snakes, around nineteen people travel in each manual rowboat, and the first boat to reach the finish line will win. You can also rent a boat to see the race closer from the water. It is a very colorful event.

The fun tree house

Amazing things to do in Kerala, there is a large number of tree houses in Wayanad, Thekkady, Athirapally and Munnar. If you are looking for some adventure, you can visit any of these stations and thus be filled with the nature of the place. You can also find a lot of activities in the surroundings such as mountain biking, rock climbing, rappelling and nature walks, among others.

Tour in plantations

Amazing things to do in Kerala, Munnar, Thekkady and Wayanad are known for their three types of plantations; coffee, tea and spices. You can take romantic walks through the plantations and at the same time explore how they process the raw materials. The most recommended activity is in the early morning: a romantic walk in the middle of plantations. You can find vanilla, black pepper, cinnamon and a lot of exotic spice plants. Some plantations also provide options for you to take lunch.

Observe the flowers that bloom once every 13 years

Amazing things to do in Kerala, Kurinji is a flower found in Munnar, a mountain in Kerala. This violet flower has a peculiarity, it blooms only once every 12 years. If you make your visit during the right season, you can take a hike on the Rajamalai mountain, and half way up the mountain you can find cushions of these flowers blooming. If you are looking for a less adventurous way to enjoy these flowers, you can visit Eravikulam National Park. You can also see NilgiriThar, a unique type of mountain goat that is considered endangered.

Amazing things to do in Kerala

Soak in the waterfalls of Athirapally

Amazing things to do in Kerala, the Athirapally water falls are located 55 km from the Kochi International Airport. This waterfall is 80 feet high and during the monsoon season, this place becomes a paradise. A lot of people who visit this place, like massages, enjoying falls and also for picnics. The best time to visit Athirapally is in autumn, during the monsoon season, which runs from June to mid-September.

Now that you know the Amazing things to do in Kerala, it’s time to continue exploring the world. Tell me what you think about this post and if you would like to add another option. Do not forget to share this post with your friends.

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