Awesome places to visit in India

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Awesome places to visit in India

Awesome places to visit in India, the marshes of Thar, the Sun City of Jodhpur, mountain resorts, peaks and other pleasures are a privilege for this winter season. India’s Invitation offers everything from religious trips to honeymoon celebrations; no matter what type of vacation you are looking for, these havens are a privilege of a few who dare to live such a unique and incredible experience.

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Awesome places to visit in India

Himachal Pradesh

Awesome places to visit in India, what is a winter without snow? Himachal is a snowy defendant and lovely honeymoon destination for newlyweds. Starting with adventure sports until relaxed tourism and enjoying every second. We recommend any winter morning to enjoy the unforgettable experience of paragliding, a night of camping or river rafting.


Awesome places to visit in India, it is characterized by being a main attraction throughout the year for its picturesque landscapes, lakes and gardens. In winter, it is easy to find small places taken from fairy tales and, at the same time, experience snow activities, guided excursions and hiking among others. We recommend a walk in the afternoon by Mughal Garden (the Mughal gardens). For snow lovers, Ski is the main winter sport in Kashmir.

Awesome places to visit in India

Tamil Nadu

Awesome places to visit in India, starting with the wildlife reserve in Mudhumalai to the coastal attractions with spectacular beaches in Kanyakumari, you can enjoy many attractions and care for all kinds of public. The mountain resorts are characterized by a temperate climate and luxurious vegetation. Because the temperature is not very low, you can enjoy water activities such as boat trips in slow backwaters in Pichavaram or the exciting Marina Beach (Marina Beach), a privileged beauty.


Awesome places to visit in India, yes, this destination is mainly for sightseeing and can be visited at any time of the year. However, in order to live the experience of a camping night or other activities in the Thar Desert (Thar desert), they can only be carried out in the winter season. We recommend enjoying a captivating, unique and hypnotizing winter night. In addition, tourists can discover and learn from many traditional winter celebrations, Rajasthan is a must in winter.


Awesome places to visit in India, unfortunately, the northeast of India is a paradise that has been explored by few. But, if you are looking for an original and wintry experience, we recommend you include a visit to Nagaland during the Hornbill festival that only happens once a year and it is winter. This city is also distinguished by its impressive winter caves and waterfalls.


Awesome places to visit in India, the mountain station, waterfalls of Jog, the beaches of Gokarna and other attractions are most charming early in the winter season when the water is crystallized with a clear blue tone. Most tourist destinations are impressive during winter and we recommend hiking through the mountain range early in the morning


Awesome places to visit in India, Uttarakhand is very close to the Himalayas and it goes without saying that winter is the best time to visit this place. The cloudy mornings are perfect for activities in the middle of nature such as the national park, the mountain station and the Forest Reserve. As for activities related to sports or adventures in the snow, we recommend visiting and enjoying the experience of Mussoorie (Unique mountain station), Nainital or Rishikesh.


Awesome places to visit in India, lachen in Sikkim is completely covered by snow, offering the possibility of enjoying pure hiking and other snow or nature activities. The landscapes, nature and daily life of Sikkim is a magnificent destination for lovers of photography and nature, do not miss the opportunity to know Sikkim.

Awesome places to visit in India

Andaman and Lakshadweep

Awesome places to visit in India, Lakshadweep, and Andaman are islands with an impressive privilege of nature in the winter season. Among all its diversity of activities and water sports, it is recommended to dive among the coral and marine fauna, to bathe in its incredible lakes. Do not miss the opportunity to observe and experience its white-washed beaches with a warm temperature.

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