Best Places to visit in Kerala

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Best Places to visit in Kerala

Best Places to visit in Kerala, Kerala is surrounded by mountains and water where the traveler can go to see theater shows such as Kathakali or contemplate Theyyam rituals, without forgetting that you can undergo treatments of Ayurveda, the millennial preventive health system. No doubt traveling to Kerala is discovering a land in which one sometimes doubts whether one is in India. And yet it is slowly becoming one of the new destinations of the country preferred by tourists.

Best Places to visit in Kerala

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Best Places to visit in Kerala, Kerala, is one of the most beautiful and fascinating places of the Indian subcontinent, and of the entire Asian continent. Recently named by National Geographic magazine as one of the paradises of the earth, it is a place that astonishes, leaving you captivated forever.

Best Places to visit in Kerala

Best Places to visit in Kerala, The state of Kerala, in the South of India, surprises the traveler with a fertile tropical land, landscapes of eternal green populated by coconut trees, where the fresh water of the rivers joins the sea through labyrinthine channels.


Best Places to visit in Kerala, although this small town lacks attractiveness, the landscape that surrounds it is so green and aromatic that it is well worth doing at least one night there. Located at the confluence of three mountain rivers (Muthirapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundala) and perched at 1600 meters above sea level, the Munnar mountain station was the summer resort of the former British administration in southern India. Not in vain, its cool climate offers a respite to the traveler if it comes from the warm Tamil Nadu. Among its attractions there are waterfalls, lakes and even elephants in freedom that can be seen even from the roads. And of course you can enjoy this landscape of infinite tea fields.


Best Places to visit in Kerala, it is probably one of the most beautiful Indian cities in the country. The colonial past has its mark in the area of ​​Fort Kochi. There the traveler can walk among Portuguese houses, next to a Dutch cemetery or a Jewish quarter. In Kochi, do not forget to walk around the Mattancherry neighborhood. There, in addition to the palace built by the Portuguese and renovated by the Dutch, there are a large number of spice stores and art galleries. To see the first ones, it is enough to be guided by the smell.


Best Places to visit in Kerala, they are the jewel of Kerala. A jewel that unfortunately are exploiting too much, and the place is gradually becoming more massive losing part of its charm. These channels surround the coast and run inland. The widest and deepest can be traversed in one of the traditional rice boats. In the past they served for the transport of goods. Today they have been turning into boats prepared for tourists.

Best Places to visit in Kerala


Best Places to visit in Kerala, it is also important to know that ayurvedic medicine does not believe in treating the affected part only. Consider the individual as a whole, encompassing body, mind and spirit. All disease is caused by imbalance in any of these levels, while health responds to a state of equilibrium. Traveling to Kerala is traveling to the cradle of ayurveda. Therefore, it is the perfect place to undergo a treatment if it is considered appropriate. Or perhaps to enjoy a massage that returns in one way or another the dream balance.

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