Best things to do in Nepal

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Top things to do in Nepal

Best things to do in Nepal, Nepal has so many spectacular traditional festivals that surely any visit will coincide, at least, with one. The celebrations range from masked dances to exorcise demons to epic rope competitions among rival neighborhoods of a town. But for a unique experience you have to try to make the trip coincide with the arrival of the Nepalese New Year. And its festival known as the Bisket Jatra. For several days, in the city of Bhaktapur and Thimi there is a unique procession of floats in which hundreds of faithful devoutly dragging wobbly structures 20 meters high through its crowded streets.

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Best things to do in Nepal

Bathing with elephants in Chitwan

Best things to do in Nepal, Chitwan is in the other Nepal, that of the wet plains. It is one of the best places in all of Asia to observe wildlife. Just get on an elephant and go into the mist at dawn in search of rhinos and tigers. In this national park there is much to do, from bathing with the pachyderms or going up the river in canoe in search of crocodiles to visit the villages tharu, a local ethnic group, or, for the bravest, make a trip through the interior of the jungle surrounded by the roars and whistles of nature.

Best things to do in Nepal

Pilgrimage to Swayambhunath

Best things to do in Nepal, one of the most sacred Buddhist sanctuaries in Nepal is the impressive whitewashed dome of Swayambhunath. Although many know it as the Temple of the Monkeys, for its shameless dwellers. This stupa replete with Tibetan flags hosts thousands of pilgrims every day who climb their more than three hundred steps to the top to pray by rolling the prayer rolls and muttering mantras. Surrounded by macaques and vendors of magic amulets and sacred beads. From above, you can see on a clear day the profile of the city.

The Nepalis

Best things to do in Nepal, it is often said that although Nepal is visited by its mountains, it is returned by its people. From the silent and protective Sherpas to the welcoming Tibetans of northern Nepal to the shopkeepers, all Nepalese welcome guests with respect and kindness. Travel to the ancient Himalayan kingdom is to break through between smiles and namastes.

Navigate the lake of Phokara and parachute in front of the Annapurna

Best things to do in Nepal, the second largest tourist city in Nepal may not have the historical charm of Kathmandu, but it more than makes up for it with a very seductive relaxed atmosphere and one of the most spectacular locations in the country. Contemplate the Machapuchare and the Annapurna at dawn from the elevated viewpoints of the city or see its reflection in the tranquil calm waters of Lake Pewa is unforgettable. In addition, you can explore the nearby mountains on foot, by mountain bike or, even better, by flying over the valley in paragliding.

Best things to do in Nepal

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