Best Time To Visit Kerala

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Best Time To Visit Kerala

Best Time To Visit Kerala, Kerala is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations. It is called as the princess of nature. It has a rich natural delicacy that other places do not have. Due to the location of this place, there are no extreme weather conditions throughout the year. But, there is a specific season in Kerala for each activity. April-August is the best time for the Ayurvedic visit, October-November is best for newlyweds.

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Best Time To Visit Kerala

Best Time To Visit Kerala, March-May – the summer season, the summer season marks the end of cold weather in Kerala. Therefore, all bodies of cold water will be a block of water. The temperature would be slightly hot and humid. This is the best time to enjoy the backwaters in Alleppey. All water-based activities can be enjoyed during this season. The beaches of Thriuvanthapuram can also be a prime destination.

Best Time To Visit Kerala, June-August – the monsoon season, the rainy season lasts until the end of August. The rain refreshes the exuberant green of the earth and makes it more attractive. The smell of mud and fresh leaves increase their energy. People can enjoy standing waters in Kovalam during this season. Other places of interest are Idukki and Wayanad, an attraction during this season.

Best Time To Visit Kerala

Best Time To Visit Kerala, September to March – the winter season, the weather is pleasant throughout the winter season. This is the prime time for all tourist activities in Kerala and people flock to this place to enjoy all the water’s eyes. The main backwaters to enjoy during this season are Munroe Island, kollam, Kasargod, Alleppey and others.

Best Time To Visit Kerala, people usually avoid the monsoon season, because they are afraid that the place is muddy, humid and uncomfortable. But, the answer is no, they are wrong. The monsoon season is the most pleasant and pleasant in Kerala. Simply because it is a time out of season in Kerala, which does not mean that you can enjoy gentle waters during this time. In this way, the best time to visit the waters of Kerala is the monsoon season, some reasons are:

Best Time To Visit Kerala, there are a lot of romantic places available during the monsoon season and the sound of raindrops on the coconut leaves is electrifying. Wayanad, Vagamon, Alappuzha, Kumarakom, Bekal. Kovalam, Thekkady and Munnarson spectacular during the monsoon season.

Best Time To Visit Kerala, you can get almost 50% discount and other attractive offers on houseboats in stagnant waters during the monsoon. You can enjoy the snake regatta on the Pamba River during the monsoon season (during the time of the Onam festival).

Best Time To Visit Kerala

Best Time To Visit Kerala, cruises in the backwaters are more common during the monsoon season. The Alappuzhu Canal Cruise, the Almkadavu Kollam Ruise Cruise, as well as the Alappuzha Kochi Cruise, are some of the many others that are available during this season.

Best Time To Visit Kerala, it is a great mistake to miss the beauty of Munnar during the monsoon season, with its tea plantations and valleys, which turn into waterfalls of beauty when the rain falls. What are you waiting for? Consider a vacation package to Kerala and visit all the major attractions, see the unique and amazing beauty of God’s own country.

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