Best Tourist Places in South India

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Best Tourist Places in South India

Best Tourist Places in South India, India is a known for its ancient culture and heritage rooted in Hinduism. It is divided into four distinct regions, with South India having a unique cultural experience. What you will find Each state in the south of India to maintain its own cultural identity. With its rich culture and the heritage of South India is also home to many magnificent architecture, sacred temples, landscapes, beaches, nature reserves, fairs and festivals Who contributes to making destiny of the ideal. Choose your favorite tourist spots in South India from India’s Invitation.

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Best Tourist Places in South India


Best Tourist Places in South India, an excellent place to pour discover the history and culture well what the charming landscape during the 14th century, Hampi FUT The last capital of Vijayanagar, the United Nations of the largest Hindu empires. Located in the center of Karnataka, Hampi People immerse themselves in its rich culture and heritage of dance, theater and music during each of the three festivals of which it has been held during the months of January to April.


Best Tourist Places in South India, a complete tranquility and relaxation culture experience and tradition, Kerala traditional floating floats provide a complete experience of the backwaters of Kerala. Immerse yourself in the experience with traditional Indian food, while if you play lakes, lagoons and freshwater rivers. Whether you spend a night or a week, you will be surrounded by the beauty of the Kerala backwaters

Best Tourist Places in South India



Best Tourist Places in South India, ancient culture and traditions still have a great this city in Tamil Nadu. This 4000-year-old city-HOUSES The most exquisite and important temple in South India, the Meenakshi temple. Make a fascinating walk through the narrow and tortuous streets of the old city while exploring the temples and many others that were elegant buildings built during the Nayak dynasty.



Best Tourist Places in South India, the place of the most popular party in South India pouring beaches of crystal clear water and silver It is the home of various beautiful beaches of Goa India. Goa can make your honeymoon memorable by sitting in the lap of nature and enjoying the silver beaches. Goa itself blue water is full of green orchards. Enjoy the ancient architecture be that explore all Festivities What you have to give a Goa.



Best Tourist Places in South India, city of the Palaces as a cultural city and the south of India, Mysore abounds in architectural beauty and real harvest. Complete with the Mysore Palace, Jaganmohana royal palaces and historical buildings of crops and Dasara Festival. The other heritage buildings such as La Jayalakshmi Vilas and Lalitha Mahal attract a large number of tourists every year.


Best Tourist Places in South India


Best Tourist Places in South India, surrounded by the Arabian Sea and the backwaters, this is the city “Venice of the East” Alleppey is rich in cultural history the son of many long canals, beaches, lagoons and houseboats. During its ships attract travelers from around the world. Today, continue to keep a son name what the Center for the beautiful coconut mats and shrimp farming.


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