Culture and Customs in India

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Culture and Customs in India

Culture and Customs in India, it is very difficult to know the customs or at least most of them when you visit a country for the first time. India is a country of deep-rooted customs, remember that this is a region with a millenary culture.

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Culture and Customs in India


Culture and Customs in India, one of the most unusual examples of their customs is the greeting, which is expressed by saying the word namaste and joining hands in front of the chest, under the cheeks, between a man and a woman in this region is inappropriate to hug or shake hands, Not so in the case of the same sex, it is common in this country to see two men walk with their hands taken, which would be rare in any region of Europe or America.

Indian food, the Indians have the habit of eating with their hands, good with the hand since they only use the right hand when eating food.

Culture and Customs in India

Culture and Customs in India, the matrimonial question is another one of the unusual customs already at this height of the life. Marriages are arranged by the family of the couple, which is agreed between people of the same caste and of similar status of life, social and economic level, accustomed to the family of the bride provides the groom of some dowry. This civilization trusts that love comes after marriage.

Culture and Customs in India in dress it is common to see men wearing beards and turbans, which are called Sikhs, which belong to an Indian religion, which professes about 4% of the population in this region. These people, although considered a minority, represent a great impact on society, such as the current president of this country.

Culture and Customs in India, Indian culture, despite having many religions and religious groups, is very influenced by Hinduism. The majority of its population is Hindu, and this is reflected in many aspects of its culture. The coexistence of Hinduism with more minority religions has not always been peaceful.

Culture and Customs in India, initially, public affairs did not mix with religious matters, but now Hindu ideas are spreading with great ease due to the easy access and use of current media.

The diversity of culture and heritage that India has is due largely to all the history that precedes it.

It has had times of great splendor where music, painting, sculpture, gods, architecture, temples have shone remarkably, and India has always been considered a country with a very rich culture.

National Emblem

Culture and Customs in India, in addition to these four lions we find under their feet four animals that are the guardians of the four directions: the lion of the north, the elephant of the east, the horse of the south and the bull of the west. A lotus also appears in full bloom, giving an example of the source of life and creative inspiration. Under the emblem, in devanagari script, appears the slogan “Satyameva Jayate” (“Only truth triumphs”).

Culture and Customs in India

Culture and Customs in India, the national flag was designed to express a symbol of freedom. This was how Prime Minister Nehru expressed it, saying that it was not only a symbol of its independence, but a symbol of the freedom of all peoples. It has three horizontal colors of equal size, intense saffron above (represents courage, sacrifice and renunciation spirit), white in the center (represents purity and truth) and dark green in the lower part (faith and fecundity). In the white stripe, there is a wheel of navy color with 24 rays that indicates the Dharma Chakra, that is the wheel of the law in the capital of the lion Sarnath the national emblem.

Culture and Customs in India, National emblem, for the Indians the tiger is the national animal, the peacock is the national bird, the lotus is the national flower, the banyan the national tree and the mango is the national fruit.

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