Curiosities about India

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Curiosities about India

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Curiosities about India

Curiosities about India, India is the largest democracy in the world and the second most populous country with more than 1200 million inhabitants. It is estimated that in 2021 it will be the most inhabited, surpassing China.

Curiosities about India, it is the seventh-largest country in the world, it has 28 states of different sizes. Only the State of Rajasthan, for example, is almost as large as Germany.

Curiosities about India, It is common to meet Sadhus. Nomadic monks who always carry their few possessions and travel in search of enlightenment. They have enough freedoms, including smoking pot or traveling for free on the train.

Curiosities about India

Curiosities about India, when the Indians move their heads to the side (as we would say No) they mean Yes. They also make this gesture a lot. It is worth knowing! 😉

Curiosities about India, Chess, algebra and trigonometry have their origin in India.

Curiosities about India, also 4 religions were born in India: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism.

Curiosities about India, in addition to Yoga, which is estimated to exist for 5000 years.

Curiosities about India, many people get confused by calling Hindus when they want to refer to the inhabitants of India, to the Indians. Hindu is for the practitioner of the Hindu religion (Hinduism) and in India there are many religions.

Curiosities about India, according to Hindu Literature there are more than 330 million deities. The most important are Brahma (Creation), Vishnu (conservation) and Shiva (destruction).

Curiosities about India, it is estimated that there are between 5 or 6 million Hijras or people of the third sex, they are apparently men who dress as women but are not considered either one or the other. There are campaigns underway to have their gender recognized at the official level.

Curiosities about India, the Ganges River is a river considered sacred, and, for example, if you go to the city of Varanasi you will see how the Hindus burn their dead on the banks of the river. Then they throw the ashes, or whatever is left of the body, into the river.

Curiosities about India, Indian Railways (the railroad company) has more than 1.6 million employees becoming one of the companies with the most workers in the world. India is also the 4th country in number of km of railroad tracks (after the US, Russia and China).

Curiosities about India, there are more than 300,000 mosques in India. More than in any other country. 13% of Indians are Muslims, so India is the third country with more Muslims in the world (after Indonesia and Pakistan).

Curiosities about India, the spiritual leader of Tibet, Dalai Lama, has been in exile since the 1950s, with a large community of Tibetans in northern India, in Dharamsala.

Curiosities about India, the Kumbh Mela is a huge Hindu festival that takes place every 12 years. In 2001, between 60 and 70 million people gathered in the same city to celebrate it.

Curiosities about India, in India, there is the second-largest community of programmers after the US.

Curiosities about India

Curiosities about India, more than 2 million US residents are from India. Many of them are prominent businessmen or computer scientists, such as the co-founder of Sun Microsystems, the creator of the Pentium Chip, the creator of Hotmail and the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard.

Curiosities about India, Hindi, and English are the official languages ​​of India although 22 more languages ​​are also recognized.

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