Festivals in India 2019

By : Renu Shekhawat
Festivals in India

Festivals in India 2019, India is one of the countries that enjoys more holidays per year. In fact, the official calendar of Indian national holidays has more than fifty holidays. We offer you the main festivals in India 2019, fundamental to get into the customs of the country and to know firsthand what their most characteristic shows and shows consist of. Here will read about festivals from January to March.

Festivals in India 2019

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January 13: Festivals in India 2019, Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti, Birth of Guru Gobind Singh, is the commemoration of the birth of the tenth Guru of the Sikhs and devotees celebrate it with multiple processions throughout India.

January 14: Festivals in India 2019, Makar Sankranti, day of Makar Sankranti, “the day of the donations” is a great opportunity to check the spirit of Indian cooperation. Devotees donate food and clothing to the most needy people, and kite competitions, offerings and prayers are held.

Festivals in India 2019

January 15: Festivals in India 2019, Kaanum Pongal, Pongal Festival, is a holiday in the Tamil Nadu region where the beginning of the movement of the sun towards the zodiac of Capricorn and the time of harvest is celebrated. It is a festivity full of symbolism: the old objects are burned, new clothes are opened and the houses are decorated in a special way.

January 26: Festivals in India 2019, Republic Day, Republic Day, the most solemn and symbolic act that is celebrated throughout the country with an impressive military parade in New Delhi, with the Indian flag very present. The entry into force in 1950 of the Constitution is commemorated.

February 9: Festivals in India 2019, Vasant Panchami, Festival Vasant Panchami, is the celebration of the beginning of the first in India. The characteristic color of this festivity is yellow; all the people dress with this one and give flowers also yellow. They also make some typical sweets called halwa kesar.

February 19: Festivals in India 2019, Guru Ravidass Jayanti, Birth of Guru Ravidas, Guru Ravidas noted for his struggle against caste discrimination and inequality in India. Processions, prayers and offerings are celebrated to honor him, especially in Punjab and the north of the country.

February 28: Festivals in India 2019, Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati Birth of Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati, Dayananda Saraswati was the founder of Arya Samaj, a Hindu social movement that fights for freedom in India. This ephemeris recalls his teachings, based on the teachings of the Vedas.

March 4: Festivals in India 2019, Maha Shivaratri, The great night of Shiva, this festival is celebrated throughout the night of February 24 in honor of Lord Shiva, one of the gods of the Hindu Trinity. That night devotees fast, practice yoga and meditate in a festive and waking environment.

March 20: Festivals in India 2019, Holika Dahan, The night of the bonfires, in a ritual charged with symbolism, wood, furniture and clothing travel is collected and burned in a bonfire to represent the triumph of good over evil. The night is always celebrated before the Holi festival starts.

March 21: Festivals in India 2019, Holi, Festival of colors, One of the essential festival of India. With this great celebration of colors, spring is considered to have begun. The streets, men, women and children are dyed all kinds of colorful shades with the large amounts of colored powders that are used.

March 23: Festivals in India 2019, Shivaji Jayanti, Birth of Shivaji Maharaj, this ephemeris commemorates the birth on February 19, 1630 of Shivaji Maharaj, a hero born in India and considered the most important governor of the state of Maharashtra. He was a visionary of the new military tactics in the country and established a military discipline structure in India.

Festivals in India 2019

March 29: Festivals in India 2019, Mahavir Jayanti, Birth of Mahavir, throughout the country commemorates the birth of Mahavir, the 24th and last Tirthankara, considered spiritual guide in Jainism. It is followed with special devotion in Gujarat and Rajasthan.

March 30: Festivals in India 2019, Hazrat Ali’s Birthday, Birth of Hazrat Ali, the son-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad is considered one of the pioneers in the revitalization of Muslim culture and traditions. Among his great achievements is unifying the message of Islam towards the rest of the world. To honor the birth of this important Imam the mosques are decorated and prayers are performed in his honor.

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