Packing List for Asia Travel

Renu Shekhawat By : Renu Shekhawat

Packing list for Asia Travel, whenever we have a new trip about to start, we have to face one of the first big challenges: make the backpack. And I say challenge because it is usually quite difficult to choose and pack the things that we will need later in our day to day, as well as decide on a backpack and organize all the luggage inside it.

Packing list for Asia Travel

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Packing list for Asia Travel, the most important thing to carry is a good backpack. Avoid buying the wrong size, which means you will not be able to bring enough stuff. Also, do not buy a backpack that is too big because you do not need extra weight at all. Are you starting to plan your vacation and do not know what to bring in your travel backpack? This is a question we all ask ourselves when we begin to travel and it can be real torture.

Packing list for Asia Travel, the decision to leave some things or take others is not so simple, especially at the beginning. Many times we think that something may be indispensable and that we could not travel without that.

Packing list for Asia Travel, to make your backpack travel light and comfortable to walk for long distances, ideally weigh between 8 and 12 kilos. Obviously, the less you weigh, the better for your back, your feet, and your spirit.

Packing list for Asia Travel, the perfect size so that you do not have problems when taking a plane. If you wear the essential, you will surely fit everything and, in addition, this is the best way to travel backpacking, where you have to walk and change cities frequently.

Packing list for Asia Travel

First aid kit
Journey notebook
Fanny pack
Small backpack
Mobile and charger
Photo camera
The subject of the clothes is usually quite personal and, obviously, it depends a lot if you are a boy or a girl, the destination you are going to, the weather, among other things.

However, packing list for Asia Travel, it is better to carry a few things, because there you can buy everything and very cheap.

Packing list for Asia Travel, you do not need to wear a garment per day. That would be crazy and a surplus of weight in your travel backpack. It is very easy to find laundries in the hostels or spread over the Asian cities and towns and they are super cheap.

Packing list of personal stuff

Polo shirt
Trekking pants: This type of pants is necessary to do outdoor activities, where there are mosquitoes or it is cold. It is very light, comfortable and some shorts can be made.
Trekking boots
Microfiber towel

Packing list for Asia Travel, as I commented, each person may need more than one thing or another. It does not mean that this is the ideal travel backpack. However, it is an idea of ​​what you can take with you which will help in making life easier while traveling.

Packing list for Asia Travel, mosquitoes are a major source of discomfort. Use DEET to protect yourself from them, not only against itching but also against diseases. If you go to sleep mainly in bedrooms, earplugs are very useful. Also on the night bus and the plane can provide extra hours of sleep.

Packing list for Asia Travel, anyway, I’ve made a mega list of all the things you have to do before traveling and everything you need to carry in your backpack, so you do not forget anything at all.

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