Places to visit in Mizoram

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Places to visit in Mizoram

Places to visit in Mizoram, a trip to northeastern India is incomplete without visiting the states of Manipur, Tripura and Mizoram. Each state has its own set of tourist attractions that make the visit worthwhile.

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Tam Dil

Places to visit in Mizoram, perfect for a picnic, Tam Dil is a reservoir located 64 km from Aizawl. It is considered the largest lake in Mizoram. Nestled among evergreen forests and hills, you can visit this place to witness pristine blue waters and lush greenery. In addition to being a tourist destination, Lake Tamdil is also very important for local fishermen.

Places to visit in Mizoram

Vantawng Falls

Places to visit in Mizoram, this pristine waterfall looks like a stream of milk that falls from a cliff surrounded by emerald green trees. It is 137 km from Aizawl. In addition, it is a two-level waterfall with a total height of 750 feet, it is difficult to approach it due to the forested hillside. However, a comfortable observation tower has been built.


Places to visit in Mizoram, this city is located on the border of Indo-Myanmar, 200 km from Aizawl. Head to this place to enjoy the breathtaking view of emerald rice fields bordered by the steaming hills of Myanmar. In addition to that, Champai has the largest expanse of plains in Mizoram that is used for rice cultivation.

Thasiama Seno Neihna

Places to visit in Mizoram, it is a beautiful plateau on a steep hill in the village of Vaphai, which is about 86 km from Champhai. Therefore, a visit to this plateau is an exciting and exciting experience.

Lushai hills

Places to visit in Mizoram, it is a mountain range in Mizoram and Tripura, a neighboring state in northeastern India. Phawngpui, also known as the Blue Mountain, is the highest peak in this mountain range.

There are many species of butterflies here, including some rare species found in this region. These hills are inhabited by the Lushais and other Mizo tribes. In addition, the hills of Lushai are ideal for hiking at all times of the year. We recommend not to go during the monsoon because the road can be very slippery and therefore risky.

Rih Dil

Places to visit in Mizoram, it is a natural heart-shaped lake located in the northwest of the Chin State of Myanmar. You can reach this place from Champhai. Take a car at the Govt Lodge to get to the Champhai bazaar and reserve a seat in a shared SUV that leaves for Zokhawthar, which is in Myanmar.

Places to visit in Mizoram, start this adventure early in the morning as you have to depend on this SUV to travel. In the same way, you can rent a taxi from Champai and travel comfortably instead of relying on the shared taxi. Apparently, many newlyweds from Mizoram cross the border and take photos in Rih Dil.


Places to visit in Mizoram, Reiek is a mountain and tourist place 29 km from Aizawl. It rests at an altitude of 1,548 m overlooking Aizawl and offers a view of the surrounding valleys and hills. There are four well-furnished government cabins to rest at night. Above all, it costs only INR 400 (USD 7) per day. Our recommendation is to reserve it in advance. There is a small trekking to the mountain from the model town of Mozo, which must be done. It takes you to the top of the mountain. The views that are obtained from the cliff of the valley below are unmatched.

Places to visit in Mizoram


Places to visit in Mizoram, this is a mountainous state in northeastern India surrounded by Bangladesh on three sides. It is one of the regions least explored by tourists. The most important thing is that Tripura offers immense natural beauty and intriguing cultural heritage.

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