Best Places to Visit India in November

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Must visit Places in India

Places to Visit India in November, there are many reasons why November is an ideal month to travel. It is the perfect time to visit the places where autumn is at its best and also witness the exclusive celebrations of a particular city. The following places to visit in November offer you memorable travel opportunities and experiences during or around this fall month.

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Places to Visit India in November

Places to Visit India in November, India is a huge country and its climate varies considerably from one place to another. There are places very beaten by the monsoons, and in others, they are barely noticeable. The weather in the cold season in India. It starts when the monsoons send. On average, the cold season begins in October-November and runs through March-April. It should be made clear that even though it is called the cold season, it is the season with the most pleasant temperatures in most of India, except for the northern mountainous area where the cold can leave incommunicado populations. In general, this time is usually recommended to visit the country, especially the south.

Places to Visit India in November

Places to Visit India in November, The weather in the hot weather in India. It begins when the cold season ends. It extends more or less from April-May to June, and thermometers can reach temperatures up to 45 ° C. Large cities become unbearable and coastal areas are recommended or head towards the northern mountainous area.

Places to Visit India in November, the climate in the monsoon period in India. It begins when the warm season ends. It extends from the end of June until the end of September. Normally it does not start at once, but small storms with rain appear that, as the days pass, they become authentic showers. It is a time with a high percentage of humidity, and it does not rain constantly, but great falls fall and the sun comes out. From this time depend on all the farmers of the country and is received with joy, especially after to withstand the heats of May and June. Places to Visit India in November, they usually start in the southwest and are gradually spreading throughout most of the country. The southeastern area is also affected by the monsoons that come from that direction, and here may extend this time until December.

Places to Visit India in November

Places to Visit India in November, if what you want to see is the preparation of Diwali (the equivalent of Christian Christmas), which turns all India into a holiday throughout the month, November is the best time to travel to India.

Diwali in November

Places to Visit India in November, the festival of lights, one of the most important festival celebrated throughout the country alike, fills all cities and villages with small oil lamps in honor of the goddess Lakshmi.

Places to Visit India in November

Places to Visit India in November, Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur are dressed in gala and the palaces of Rajasthan are specially decorated with rugs of flower petals called rangolis and with spectacular lighting. All this, together with a suitable temperature throughout the north makes November a good option to visit.

Places to Visit India in November, on the other hand, in the south, with a tropical temperature thanks to the temperature drops, makes it the perfect time before the end of the year high season. You can enjoy the latest tea harvest on the Kerala plantations, the explosion of sensations in the spice gardens and the exuberant nature of the southern coasts.

Places to Visit India in November

Now that you know the Places to Visit India in November, it’s time to continue exploring the world. Tell me what you think about this post and if you would like to add another option. Do not forget to share this post with your friends.

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