Rajasthan is Land of the Kings

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Rajasthan is Land of the Kings

Rajasthan is Land of the Kings, Rajasthan represents one of the most exotic and picturesque facets of India. It is the land of the Rajputs, which in the Sanskrit language means “sons of the king”, a courageous warrior clan defender of their land, their family and their honor.

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Rajasthan is Land of the Kings

Rajasthan is Land of the Kings, Rajasthan is the land of the tale of the Thousand and One Nights, a region inhabited by women adorned with glittering skirts of mirrors and silver beads, and men with huge mustaches and gaudy turbans.

People in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is Land of the Kings, History speaks of a romantic sense of pride and honor that is still alive today. Its geography, divided by an imaginary diagonal line, divides the state into two distinct sectors: the southeastern, mountainous and rugged region; and the arid northeastern region, occupied by the Thar desert.

Rajasthan is Land of the Kings

Rajasthan is Land of the Kings, Rajasthan is famous for its palace-hotels, for its historic cities, for its precious and semi-precious stones, for its romantic oases, for its tiger reserves in Ranthambore and Sariska, for its camel fair in Puskhar and for its elephant festival in Jaipur, among many other things.

Rajasthan is Land of the Kings, because of its extremely dry climate, the best time of the year to travel to Rajasthan is the monsoon season (July / August), when the lakes and oases are at the highest level and the weather is somewhat cooler. One of its most important festivities, the Teej, is celebrated precisely in August to welcome the monsoon.

Value, honor and decadence

Rajasthan is Land of the Kings, the Rajputs ruled this part of the Indian subcontinent for more than 1,000 years according to a code of honor similar to that of the European knights of the Middle Ages. Their courage and sense of honor were such that, in the face of defeat, they resorted to the “jauhar”, a suicidal ritual in which women and children threw themselves on a funeral pyre and the men went out to meet the enemy and a sure death.

Rajasthan is Land of the Kings, with the decline of the Mughal Empire, to which they were subjected as States Vasallos, the Rajputs regained part of the independence that would later be placed in the hands of the British Empire in exchange for local autonomy and protection against the new invader: the Marathas.

Rajasthan is Land of the Kings

Rajasthan is Land of the Kings, this is how the decline of the Rajput community began, changing the laws of chivalry and honor for horse races, polo and other English extravagances. And this is how many of those rulers were squandering their royal fortunes, until in 1970 Indira Gandhi abolished their titles and stipends and annulled their property rights.

Rajasthan is Land of the Kings, although some of these maharajas managed to save the doldrums by converting their palaces into hotels and museums, many remained on the edge of the road, without domains and without status.

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