Short trip to Rajasthan

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Short trip to Rajasthan

Short trip to Rajasthan, India is a huge nation with diverse culture. It has distinctive beauty in all its zones from East to West and North to South. Make your trip to India easier and safer with India’s Invitation. We help you attest to the majestic and endless charm of North India which includes a trip to Taj Mahal (impressive monument), the royal state of Rajasthan, lively Mumbai and the peaks of Himalayas.

Short trip to Rajasthan

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Short trip to Rajasthan, visit the famous Taj Mahal built by the Emperor for his wife Mumtaz. It is famous for being home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The Taj Mahal is a monument of incredible elegance that is considered synonymous with beauty in itself. It was completed in 1653 by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan as the final resting place for his favorite queen Mumtaz.

Short trip to Rajasthan

Fatehpur Sikri

Short trip to Rajasthan, Fatehpur Sikri, a city made of red sandstone by the Mughals in the second part of the sixteenth century. Fatehpur Sikri is considered one of the architectural legacies of Emperor Akbar. It consists of beautiful palaces, halls and mosques.


Short trip to Rajasthan, stroll through the Red City (Pink City), see the Hawa Mahal (the wind palace), Jantar Mantar (an observatory of planets), City Palace (the main palace), and see the Amber Fort over the elephant. You will also have a unique opportunity to shop in Jaipur. The main palace crosses the extensive gardens and limits the beautiful patios exemplifying the Mughal and Rajasthani architecture to the fullest.


Short trip to Rajasthan, Udaipur is the jewel of MEWAR-the kingdom of the Sisodia dynasty for 1,200 years. Udaipur has an Edenic setting with picturesque lakes adorning it. There are as many as five prominent lakes and others less famous, but no less in beauty.  Visit City Palace, the wonderful gardens of Sahelion-ki-Bari, the Lake Palace, Jagdish Temple and the local Folk Museum. Saheliyon-ki-Bari is a large garden and a popular tourist space in Udaipur.


Short trip to Rajasthan, Ranakpur temples, which belong to the 15th century. Ranakpur is widely known for its Jain marble temple, which is said to be the most spectacular of the Jain temples. The renowned Jain temple in Ranakpur is dedicated to Tirthankara Adinatha. The temple honors Adinath, the first Tirthankar of the present semi-cycle according to Jain cosmology.


Short trip to Rajasthan, the museum has exhibits of stuffed leopards, a very large symbolic flag endowed to Maharaja Jaswant Singh by Queen Victoria in 1877. It also has an impressive “quirky” collection of watches in forms of windmill and light house, and photographs of the elegant art-deco Interior of the palace. The classic cars of the Maharajas are also displayed in the garden in front of the museum. The Darbar Hall, which is part of the museum, has elegant murals and also a large number of miniature paintings, armors and an unusual collection of household items.

Short trip to Rajasthan


Short trip to Rajasthan, visit the Havelis of the Patwa, Salim Singh, the Tanco of Gandhi Sagar, the Barabagh mountain. There is no shortage of Havelis in Jaisalmer as the place has witnessed many wazirs and Landlords. The most famous among these is Patwon Ji ki Haveli. This Haveli was the first in Jaisalmer that is why it has more significance. This Haveli became the pioneer of the constructions in Jaisalmer. Short trip to Rajasthan, Patwon Ji ki Haveli is actually the collection of 5 little Havelis. Among the main Havelis is Salim Ji ki haveli. Built in 1815, this Haveli is famous for its unique architecture based on the peacock. You can have a view of the city from one of its many balconies and you will get the real picture of the bustling city. Contemplate the sunset from the dunes while the sky is on fire.

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