Things to see in Kathmandu

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Things to see in Kathmandu

Things to see in Kathmandu, your choice to travel to Nepal and see such emblematic places of the country as Kathmandu, Pokhara or the Himalayas came from the need to put their feet for the first time in Asia. Kathmandu, Nepal, a place where its references were the incredible landscapes and the closeness of its people.

Things to see in Kathmandu

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Things to see in Kathmandu, Kathmandu, city of Hindu and Buddhist temples and palaces. City of contrasts and smell of incense. City with a transport plunged into organized chaos. This is Kathmandu, it gives you one of lime and one of sand. Kathmandu is a pained capital that looks to rise little by little from the scourge of the terrible earthquake of 2015. A catastrophe that would leave an indelible mark of scars still open in the life of the Nepalis, which would reduce to rubble emblematic places of great historical and heritage importance that with the passage of time seems distant but that reality makes it very present.


Things to see in Kathmandu, less than 15 kilometers from Kathmandu is what is known as the jewel of the Kathmandu Valley. This jewel is Bhaktapur, a city in the shape of a triangle of medieval times. Bhaktapur was a very prosperous city in antiquity for being within the commercial route between India and Tibet. This prosperity led Bhaktapur to have a better cultural development, to the point of having its own style of construction of pagodas. A style that would later spread from Nepal to Tibet and Tibet to Japan.

Things to see in Kathmandu

Temple of the monkeys

Things to see in Kathmandu, the famous Temple of the Monkeys, is one of the most loved and visited of Kathmandu and where you will find a fascinating mix of Buddhist and Hindu. This architectural site was chosen as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979. It is one of the most important places of Buddhist pilgrimage and Its important is due to its totally centralized situation.


Things to see in Kathmandu, it is the Hindu temple dedicated to the most important god Shiva of Nepal and therefore of Kathmandu, for this reason thousands of pilgrims come to know him and to pay him homage. Located on the banks of the Bagmati River, this religious temple is one of Kathmandu’s main crematoriums. Although this type of religious ritual can not be allowed by all families, if it is true that at any time of the day you can witness some.


Things to see in Kathmandu, the neighborhood known for being the meeting point for backpackers, travelers and tourists has the reputation of boisterous, economic and noisy. Perhaps its location, right in the center of the city, is what makes Thamel the neighborhood chosen for most visitors to stay. It is full of accommodation, places to eat and hundreds of stores that crowd every street. This, together with the hectic pace of the Nepalese when driving through the streets and the asphalt in such bad condition makes you have to go with your eyes wide open at every step.

Durbar Square

Things to see in Kathmandu, the Durbar Square in Kathmandu, is one of the places to observe the Newar art of the artists of the city. Its architecture surrounds you in every corner of the famous square. Despite the damage that can be seen in them after the 2015 earthquake. This square owes its importance to being the place chosen for generations as a royal residence (Durbar square means place of palaces) and for being the center of the coronations of the kings and great events.

Things to see in Kathmandu


Things to see in Kathmandu, if you could only visit 1 place in Kathmandu, we would say youshould visit Boudhanath. The magic that surrounds this place is something special. It is full of mysticism and traditions, you have to let yourself be enveloped to be filled with sensations and feel because it is one of the most important Buddhist places in the world. Grand stupa of perfect proportions is the center of attention. Full of symbolism, it eclipses the whole world and is that it is one of the largest in the country.


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