Perfect time to visit India

By : Renu Shekhawat
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So here we are back with the Perfect time to visit India as we talked in our previous article. In the previous article, we discussed months from January to June so today we will talk about July to December. So choose the Perfect time and destinations to visit India.

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Perfect Time to Visit India

Perfect time to visit India

India in July

July is a perfect time to visit India, with the drop in temperatures that the monsoon brings, it is the best time to travel to the desert of Rajasthan. Also, the palaces and forts of Jaipur and Udaipur look great with the reflection on the waters. The valleys of the Himalayas continue their thaw keeping the trekking in the area as a great alternative, and being able to put as cherry to visit one or two days the imposing Taj Mahal.

Perfect Time to Visit India

India in August

August is a perfect time to visit India, with the end of the rains and the explosion of the exuberant vegetation of the tropics, is the best time to travel the extreme south. Also to know the tea plantations of Nilgiri with its hundreds of women picking the most tender tea leaves.

It should be remembered that August are dates of a large volume of tourism in the area, which can be difficult to find flights. It is convenient to make a reservation in advance to get good prices and the best accommodations.

India in September

September is a perfect time to visit India, September is characterized by its long sunsets, by the gentle breeze that runs after the rainy season, because it is the last month of the low season and because it may be the best time to travel to India. Why?

It is an excellent month to travel throughout India from north to south. In the north, once again, Delhi, Agra and Jaipur shine with their own light and the desert of Rajasthan with its impressive palaces and forts welcome the traveler with its beauty.

Perfect Time to Visit India

India in October

October is a perfect time to visit India, Taj Mahal in October, October is the month of the beginning of the festivals in the north of India. The representations of the Ramayana (one of the great epics of Hinduism) multiply for 10 days and the processions in honor of the goddess Durga fill the streets of Delhi and Calcutta with music, dances and prayers. It is the best time to see the Taj Mahal in this

In the south, it is worth mentioning the coasts of Kerala and Tamil Nadu with a mandatory stop in the tea plantations and natural parks. But what the climate of this month makes propitious are the safaris, where you can find tigers, elephants and panthers in absolute freedom.

India in November

November is a perfect time to visit India, If you want to see are the preparations of Diwali (the equivalent of Christian Christmas), which turns all of India into a party during the whole month, November is the best time to travel to India. The festival of lights, one of the few that is celebrated all over the country equally, fills all cities and towns with small oil lamps in honor of the goddess Lakshmi.

Perfect Time to Visit India

India in December

December is a T to the warm coasts of southern India. The calm in the backwaters of Kerala (a network of about 1000 kilometers of channels, deltas, estuaries and navigable lakes locatedBackwaters of Kerala in December on the southeast coast of India, next to the Arabian Sea) offers a wide range of experiences: river cruises , Ayurvedic treatments and stays in the mountains of the Ghats between tea plantations. It is a very good time also to travel to the south of India, but it is advisable to reserve it with time due to the strong demand.

Time to Visit India

Perfect time to visit India, Due to the end of the year, cities such as Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur are decorated, and the palaces of Rajasthan are decorated with great lighting and rugs of rangolis petals.

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