Top 10 Best monuments in Delhi

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Monuments in Delhi

Top 10 Best monuments in Delhi: With an amazing and beautiful tourist attractions, Delhi leaves a great impression on its visitors. The historical architectures of Delhi have the fusion of all the artists from different dynasties. Here, are the monuments in Delhi should visit by the tourists.

The Best Monuments in Delhi

Jantar Manta: A beautiful tourist attraction made and constructed by Maharaja Jai Singh II of Jaipur in 1724 in the modern city New Delhi. Jai Singh II constructed Jantar Mantar in five cities Jaipur, New Delhi, Mathura, Ujjain, and Varanasi. It is having a magnificent structure which contains thirteen geometric devices which are utilized for anticipating the time and other astronomy related events.

Monuments in Delhi

Red Fort: This historical place adds life to the modern city of Delhi. Red Fort was made my Shah Jahan and it took about 10 years to construct. In the 16th century, the Red Fort walls were made to save the dynasty from the attackers. The story of the previous regal living arrangement is demonstrated each night there to take you back in the time of Mughal Dynasty. The Fort is made up of red granites. This is one of the monuments in Delhi.

Best Monuments in Delhi

India Gate: When we first think of Delhi, the India Gate an amazing historical monument surely comes in our mind. This India Gate was constructed in 1931, to remind us of the sacrifices and victory by our soldiers in the First World War and 1971 Indo-Pak War. Another heart touching thing you can see there are Amar Jawan Jyoti and the names of the Martyrs which are inked on the stones. Amar Jawan Jyoti lit ups all the days and nights to give a tribute to the soldiers. This is an emotional historical monument of the Delhi.

Best Monuments in Delhi

Lotus Temple: Lotus Temple is a standout amongst the mouments of Delhi landmarks, known for its lovely blossom like structure. The best of Lotus Temple can be seen after the nightfall when it is lit up with shaded lights. Composed of precious stone white marble, the Lotus Temple is related to the Bahai Faith, who believes in the peace and harmony. The lake region and calm garden encompassing the sanctuary is a fascination purpose of Lotus Temple.

Monuments in Delhi

Rashtrapati Bhawan: Rashtrapati Bawan, the main official living place of the President. It was structured by Sir Edwin Lutyens first for the British Viceroy and is popular for its Mughal Gardens which open for public at times. Rashtrapati Bhawan portrays the unpretentious mix of Indian and European design. It is a beautiful structure for your historical spot.

Best monuments in Delhi

Qutub Minar: This is the historical place where we curve our neck to the possible to see it but, there Qutub Minar stands with its pride. It is very heritage monument with its height of 72.5 meters. its one of the best monument in Delhi. It formed with beautiful red sandstone. On this tower, Holy Quran verses are imprinted. The magnificent art of craving has made this monument more popular in the historical places of the Delhi.

Best Monuments in Delhi

Raj Ghat: The father of the nation – Mahatma Gandhi Ji, on his memorial Raj Ghat was structured. It is structured with black marble stones platform. The remembrance bears the inscription Hē Ram, (signifying “O” Ram’, additionally meant ‘O God). Always a flame is burning in his memory. This is also one of the historical monuments for a visit by tourist.

Best Monuments in Delhi

Jama Masjid: The great religious sentiments are linked with this mosque. Many tourists come here to fulfill their blessings. It is the largest mosque in India and a historical monument of Delhi. It is having splendor architecture and surrounded by three huge gates, four towers and 40m high minarets constructed of strips of red stones and marbles.

Monuments in Delhi

Humayun’s Tomb: The great Humayun’s Tomb gives us the example of Persian architecture. It was built after 9 years of Humayun’s death by his widow wife. Humayun’s tomb comprises of red sandstone with a white marble arch. The exterior has curves in the middle and sides and is viewed as a basic development in Mughal engineering which achieved its apex eighty-five years amid the development of the Taj Mahal. Humayun’s Tomb is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the great tourist attraction.

Monuments in Delhi

Purana Quila: It has been stood on the same place from last 500 years, and known as the oldest monument of Delhi. It was built by the Sher Shah Suri in 1538-45.The still lake, structure, ambiance and lush green beautiful lawns attract the tourists. It is having three gateways namely Talaqi Darwaza, Bara Darwaza and Humayun Darwaza.

These are the best monuments of Delhi. You should add these to your list when you plan to visit Delhi.

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