Top holy places to visit in India

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Top holy places to visit in India

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Top holy places to visit in India


Top holy places to visit in India, Varanasi the holy city of India, also known as Kashi. For centuries, it is the place of Moksha for Hindus. The holy city is located on the banks of the Ganges River, which is considered to have the power to atone for all the sins of someone by bathing in it.

Top holy places to visit in India, in Hinduism, it is also believed that those who die and are cremated here get an early entrance to the liberation of the reincarnation cycle. Although the city is known for its Ghats, temples and music; There are many other glorious places in Varanasi that should be seen and experienced on an expedition to Varanasi.

Top holy places to visit in India

Places to visit in Varanasi

Assi Ghat: Assi Ghat is a must-see attraction. The attractive view of the arti makes Varanasi one of the most beautiful cities in the country.

Temple of Kashi Vishwanath: Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas and is also mentioned in the Holy Scriptures.

Temple of Tulsi Manas: the place where Tulsidas wrote the Hindu epic Ramayana with an awadhi accent of the Hindi language.

Sarnath: Sarnath is among the famous Buddhist pilgrimages in India. It is a popular place to visit around Varanasi for those who seek peace and meditation.

Godowlia Market: Godowlia is one of Varanasi’s most popular tourist attractions. They sell everything from household items to crystal bracelets and trinkets.

Chowk and Vishwanath Gali: renowned for their silk items and luxury jewelery, these markets are always full of life, whether in the suffocating summer or in the foggy winter.

The best time to visit Varanasi

Top holy places to visit in India, winter (October to March) is the best season to visit Varanasi. You can also experience the Hindu festivals of Dussehra, Durga Puja and Diwali in the months of October or November (the dates change every year according to the Hindu calendar). It is very hot in the summers, but the crowds are much smaller.


Top holy places to visit in India, Pushkar has a rich history with a unique temple, a camel festival, the birthplace of a legend, a sacred lake, and a lot of festivities and fairs. Considered one of the oldest settlements in India, Pushkar is a Hindu pilgrimage city that unfolds from the center of the sacred lake, and also has one of the few Brahma temples in the world.

Top holy places to visit in India, Far from the buzz of the soundtrack of prayers, songs and drums, the city is also famous for its annual camel festival, a colorful event where 200,000 or more visitors flock to the region for a riotous festival of camel trade, carnivals and rituals .

Top holy places to visit in India, explore the holy city and the surrounding areas on the backs of camels reserving a Safari, which can have any duration, from one hour to a full day excursion.

Places to visit in Pushkar

Balloons in Pushkar
Camel safari
Pushkar Lake
Brahma Temple, Savitri and Varaha

Top holy places to visit in India

The best time to visit Pushkar

Top holy places to visit in India, Pushkar is a beautiful place of pilgrimage that attracts people all year round. From November to March is the best time to visit Pushkar. The weather is pleasant during this time, since from November is the high season to visit the city due to the Pushkar fair.

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