Travel to Nepal

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Travel to Nepal

Travel to Nepal, Nepal is a great little country in the shadow of the highest mountains in the world. It lives between two great countries and if someone thinks about it, it is sure that images of snow-capped peaks, expeditions to Everest and Sherpas come to mind. To make a trekking starting from Pokhara. But traveling to Nepal is much more than that. It is a place with a rich history and a great natural and cultural heritage that few people know.

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Travel to Nepal

Capital: Kathmandu

Where it is: at the foot of the Himalayas, bordering India and China

Surface: 140,797 km2

Currency: Nepali rupee

Population: 30 million, More than 60 ethnic groups.

Religion: Hinduism (90% of the population)

To travel to Nepal, Spanish need a visa in their passport, which must be valid for at least six months after your arrival in Nepal. Obtaining this visa is very simple: upon arrival in Nepal a document is filled out, a passport-size photo is delivered, the corresponding amount is paid (in dollars or any other important currency) and that’s it. Authorized to enter the country.

Travel to Nepal, the eternal question of when it is better to travel to a country. In the case of Nepal you must take into account that basically there are two seasons: the wet one that goes from June to September and the dry one that covers from the month of October to May.

Travel to Nepal, that would be something general, because apart from the rains when traveling to Nepal you have to take into account what activities you want to do. If, for example, the idea is a trek, it is advisable to avoid the rainy months and the coldest months, which on the mountain will be between December and February. However, if what is intended is to see the Himayala in the distance, just those months is when the sky is clearer. you must also bear in mind that the Terai area, on the border with India, is much warmer and flatter than the rest of the country.

Travel to Nepal, in general, it could be said that there are two great moments to travel to Nepal, one would be the spring, between April and May, when everything is full of flowers. It does not rain and the temperatures little by little start to rise.

Travel to Nepal

Travel to Nepal, the second would be in autumn, between October and November. The monsoon has already passed, everything looks green and resplendent while the sky is blue and there are many possibilities to see the Himalayas clearly.

Travel to Nepal, the best way to get a cheap flight to travel to Nepal is to be flexible with the dates and buy as much advance notice as possible.

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