Best Holiday Destinations in South India

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Best Holiday Destinations in South India

Best Holiday Destinations in South India, if you want to travel through the destinations of South India and know the most beautiful places in South India, Below are names and details of important destinations. The important South Indian places are Mumbai, Goa, Bangalore, Mysore, Cochin, Kumarakom. The culture of their of India is different, Language also different.

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Best Holiday Destinations in South India


Best Holiday Destinations in South India, Known as the “Silicon Valley” of India, today Bangalore is one of India’s most important cities for business and technology … but it also has cultural sites, good restaurants, and a rather intriguing nightlife. The tour includes the Red Fort, Temple of the Bull, and Cubbon Park – a splendid 300-acre park with a library and museum. After, visit of lal Bagh and Vidhana Soudha, the center of the government.

Best Holiday Destinations in South India


Best Holiday Destinations in South India, Land of beaches and palm trees, located in the middle of the south-east coast of India, Goa is a true paradise with a long and interesting history. It has relation with the Empire Maurya, happened of several other Empires until the Muslims and finally the Portuguese. It was finally recognized as a state of India in 1987. Over the last few years Goa has gained momentum, but although there is much movement and noise in the capital, springs and merchants have retained their sense of leisure that is so important to distinguish Goa from the rest of the country. the population contains many people of Portuguese ascendancy, and they like to enjoy life … that is evident in the restaurants, the bars, and in the beaches so famous. Visit the charming churches of the region. For seafood lovers, Goa is the ideal place for unforgettable meals.

Best Holiday Destinations in South India


Best Holiday Destinations in South India, Known as the “City of Palaces,” travelers impress. It is a pleasure to visit this city with its picturesque charm, interesting heritage, magnificent palaces, well-planned gardens, impressive buildings, shady avenues and sacred temples. Visit the city’s Palace, Jaganmohan Palace, and Cerro Chamundi, where is the 12th-century Chamundershwari Temple. Near the temple there are huge statues of the Mahisshasura demon. Visit the Church of St. Philomena, and the Brindavan Gardens. With its lights and musical fountains, this place will turn into a magical place at night.


Best Holiday Destinations in South India, The enchanting Kumarakom is a small village, an almost hidden group of islands on the Vembanad Lake, located in Kerala. Kumarkom fortifies the good reputation of Kerala. There you can see mangroves, palm groves, green fields of rice, canals and the beautiful white lilies, which are part of the Kuttanad region, also has a vast paradisiacal reserve; especially for bird lovers. There are many options for fun – between discovering the reserve, boating and fishing, Kumarakom is the perfect place to spend a few quiet days away from the city. Best Holiday Destinations in South India, The best way to see the birds is to approach the islands by boat, among the thousands of green palm trees that almost touch one’s head when passing by. Kumarkom is a magnificent example of nature by the scents and colors of its plants and transparent waters.


Best Holiday Destinations in South India, Cochin means “port” and before the construction of ancient Rome, there was already in Cochin trade of species, silk, ivory and sandalwood. Cochin has a very rich cultural history, it is also one of the most modern cities in India. It is one of the best natural harbors in the world and an important port of India. Its charm and infrastructure make it the ideal gateway to enter the state. Best Holiday Destinations in South India, In 1341, there was a great flood, after which the port of Cochin was formed, after this event, Cochin managed to be the gate where the first Arabs arrived. They all started calling Cochin “the Queen of the Arab Sea”. Best Holiday Destinations in South India, the city has forts, palaces, museums, churches, rivers, lagoons with palm trees, but at the same time, it is a modern city. The tour begins with a visit to Fort Cochin – home of a community of Euroasiatics, called “Anglo-Indians”.

Best Holiday Destinations in South India

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