Top 10 Restaurants in Agra

By : Abhilash Shekhawat
Restaurant in Agra

Top 10 Restaurants in Agra: India is an ancient country with many traditions. One of them is its cuisine that has managed to cross all borders so that it is practically impossible not to find a Indian restaurant in any of the cities of the world. But when you are traveling to India its competely altogeher a different thing. The best resturants in Agra offers some of the best taste in India. Agra is one of the best cities to taste indian food.

Restaurants in Agra offer the widest gastronomy of the Asian country although our recommendation is that if you go to one of them do not fail to taste the famous taandori chicken.

1. Peshawari Agra, Hotel ITC Mughal

Restaurant Peshawari AgraRestaurant Peshawari Agra
If you decid to treat yourselve to a special evening after visiting the Taj Mahal then Peshawari is the best pleace in hotel ITC Mughal Shereton. ITC Mughal Shereton offers you few resturants in the hotel primices but Peshawari is the best Restaurant in Agra. The restaurant is perfectly set up and the serives are impeccable. You can see the kitchen through a glass but there is no smell. The food was rich and authentic. Its one of the expencive resturant in Agra but it worth a visit when you are in Agra.

2. Bellevue Restaurant – The Oberoi Amat Vilas

Restaurants in agra

Restaurant Bellevue agraPeople who are looking for high end dining then Restaurant Bellevue is the best choice in Agra. Restaurant Bellevue is among the two beautiful restaurant that Oberoi Amar Vilas has. Bellevue stays open entire day and serves Indian and continental cuisine. The interior of this restaurant is very stylish and it beautifully brightly lit.

3. The Restaurant – Hotel Trident Agra

The Restaurant at Trident agra
The Restaurant at Trident agra

To give guests a complete experience of Indian food culture, their menu includes all the traditional dishes and some lesser-known but a treat for your apetite. An elegant and lively Indian cuisine has always been appriciated. Perfect for a lunch, dinner – it’s a relaxing place, perfect for a pleasant evening. Its one of the best Restaurants in Agra.

4. Pind Balluchi, Agra

Restaurant Pind Baluchi agra

Restaurant Pind Baluchi agra
Restaurant Pind Baluchi agra

Excellent and good quality food. Attentive and polite service. Prices are mid range. However, recommended without any hesitation to eat-dinner as its clean and quite place to enjoy your Indian Meal.

5. Pinch of Spice, Agra

Agra Restaurants
Restaurant Pinch of Spice in Agra
A welcoming and cozy resturant. Its decorated in a mix of India’s vitality and the essence of Western taste. The menu pays special attention to vegetarian and non-vegitrain, you will find many dishes to suit your taste. Its one of the most popular Restaurants in Agra.

6. Bon Barbecue Restaurant, Agra

Restaurant Bon Barbecue agraRestaurant Bon Barbecue agra
The cuisine goes back to the North Indian tradition, with influences from Mughali, not to mention the taste and expectations of Western customers. Bon Barbecue Restaurant offers an eclectic menu that includes meat, fish, vegetables and rice, is cooked in the oven to stew. Many of our recipes include the use of different combinations of spices ranging from mild to very spicy and that are the basis of both the curry dishes of marinated for tandoori dishes. If you want to Non-vegitarian food try this Restaurants of Agra.

7. Tea’se Me, Agra

Restaurant Tea se Me AgraRestaurant Tea se Me Agra
Tea’se Me is a multi-cuisine Rooftop Restaurant with its focusing point on the beauty and love of Tea. With its 25+ variety of tea, Tea’se Me is a concept Rooftop. They have tried to connect the interiors and the culinary with a touch and essence of the tea culture. With efforts to bring to you a new culture apart from coffee, welcoming the people to sit near Taj Mahal and sip the nature long leaf teas. They also serve Indian, continental Food. Rooftop view of the Taj Mahal brings more attraction to the place. Its one of the most visited Restaurants in Agra.

8. Chokho Jeeman, Agra

Restaurant in Agra
Restaurant in Agra

Restaurants of Agra

“Chokho Jeeman”means nice meal. Chokho Jeeman is a resturant that serves vegitrain Thali Restaurant with a Rajasthani setup. It has a village like ambience having bamboo furniture. If you are in search of traditional Indian food then this is the place. They serve a variety of north indian and rajasthani thali without onion and garlic at a very decent cost.

9. MoMo Café, Agra

Restaurant MoMo Cafe Agra-1Restaurant MoMo Cafe Agra-1
Don’t just consider MoMo Café a place to eats as it’s much more than just a place to eat. It’s a very inviting and trendy, It stays open for guest all day. This restaurant claims that it offers the largest buffet in Agra. But surly, a la carte options are available as well. Its one of the most visited Restaurants of Agra.

10. Taj Bano, Agra

Restaurant Taj Bano agraRestaurant Taj Bano agra
If you are regular to ITC and want to know what is luxury. The main restaurant of the Itc mughal hotel, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Plates at the buffet are mainly from India, but always with some choices that are more western or continental. Ordering off the menu at dinner offers more non-Indian dishes like pizza or the fries, The staff is amazing. Always go out of there way to help. They will make your meal a memorable one.

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