Best Time To Visit India

By : Renu Shekhawat
Best Time To Visit India

One of the things that you should know before traveling to this country is the best time to travel to India. According to the month, you decide to travel, we recommend one area or another to make the most of it. Do not miss the following tips, in this list will talk about months till June rest of the months will talk in our next article ….stay tuned!

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Best Time To Visit India

Best Time To Visit India

January: North and South of India
February: North and South of India, and Goa Carnival in the Southwest
March: Holi Festival, National Parks, and West Coast
April: North and South of India
May: Himalaya
June: Himalaya

India in January

Best Time To Visit India, in January, after Christmas, it is the best time to travel to South India, as it enjoys a tropical climate, as well as being the beginning of the festival season. In the north, temperatures drop, but with a long sleeve will be enough to counteract the cold. Great temperatures in the desert of Rajasthan, clear skies in the magical cities of Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, and Udaipur or the morning dew in major cities like Agra and Delhi are good examples of what you can find in the north.

Best Time To Visit India

India in February

Best Time To Visit India, February is the month of Carnival, a sweet period in India. Carnival of Goa in February The carnival of Goa, in the southwest of the country, is a Portuguese heritage that is lived with excitement in this state, considering it the most colorful celebration of the Christian community in the area. In general, February is the best time to travel both north and south of India. Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur with extension to the Rajasthan desert is a good choice for those who flee from the high temperatures. In contrast, the southern coasts are a very good destination to enjoy the beach, mountain, tea plantations and natural parks.

Best Time To Visit India

India in March

Best Time To Visit India, March, which is for many the best time to travel to India, is synonymous with good weather (since the heat of the summer in the north begins) and especially the party. Party because the preparations for Holi begin, one of its most striking festivals to welcome the new station, which fills the streets with color. Holi Festival in March in addition to all this activity, March can also grant a relaxing experience with its western coast with beaches such as Kerala and Goa.

Best Time To Visit India

Best Time To Visit India, and if you are looking for an experience in the wild nature, the natural parks are your answer, as the big cats approach the water sources in this dry season and the vegetation is less leafy, making it ideal for lovers of safaris

India in April

Best Time To Visit India, in April, the low season starts, and until the end of September you will be able to enjoy the best prices. Sunset in India in April it is a month that stands out for a spectacular light, both in the north and the south, and because it is in the middle of tropical summer, a dry period in the Indian subcontinent. Clear skies and beautiful sunsets with images of tea plantations mottled with colorful saris in the south.

Best Time To Visit India

In the north, the Taj Mahal‘s unrivaled stamp and very active period of agriculture in Rajasthan, not to mention the spring explosion in the Himalayan valleys making Darjeeling or Dharamsala good options to visit with very mild temperatures.

India in May

Best Time To Visit India, May is the best time to immerse yourself in Buddhist culture. Nepal, Ladakh or Sikkim Celebrate Birthday of Buddha with the festival of Buddha Purnima that attracts thousands of pilgrims to the historical places of Prince Siddharta in the east of India. In addition, not forgetting that we are in the dry season, the Himalaya is the best option to consider trekking in the mountains.

Best Time To Visit India

India in June

Best Time To Visit India, June, like May, due to its dry season, is the best time to venture into the mountains of northern India. With the thaw, the roads of Kashmir and Ladakh, the most spectacular valleys of India, are opened, making it the best month to marvel at the Himalayas.

Now that you know the Best Time To Visit India, it’s time to continue exploring the world. Tell me what you think about this post and if you would like to add another option. Do not forget to share this post with your friends.

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