Amazing Holiday Destinations in India

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Holiday Destinations in India

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Holiday Destinations in India


Holiday Destinations in India, Kanyakumari is situated in the most southern part of India, at the confluence of the Indian Sea, the Bay of Bengal, and the Arabian Sea. The saber is very beautiful, with many colors. Your tour includes a visit to the Gandhi Monument, built where they kept the ashes of Gandhi before putting them on the river. Holiday Destinations in India, The Swami Vivekananda Stone Memorial was built in memory of the philosopher Swami Vivekananda, on the twin stones that leave the sea at 400 meters from the coast. Swami Vivekananda came to Kovalam in 1892 and felt on the stones, doing meditation, before beginning one of India’s most important religious crusaders. The sunset at Kanyakumari is something incredible, worth seeing.

Best Holiday Destinations in India


Holiday Destinations in India, This charming and peaceful village was destroyed by the tsunami in December 2004. Showing their courage and determination, the citizens of Mahabalipuram rebuilt their home very quickly. There are many wonderful ancient sculptures because it was the most important part of the Pallavas. The Pallavas were masters of the art of building without using bricks or mortar – they would directly chisel the stone. It is the ideal place to buy exquisite sculptures.


Holiday Destinations in India, Trichy is situated next to the Cauvery River in the state of Tamil Nadu. It was a citadel of the Chola civilization and was later conquered by the Pallavas. It is a synthesis of tradition and modernity, built around the Fort of Stone. There are several churches, universities, and missions of the eighteenth century. The most famous landmark is the Rockford Temple, a spectacular monument that dominates the city. Holiday Destinations in India, it was one of the most important places during the Carnatic wars of the eighteenth century when the English and the French fought among them for supremacy in India. Some very important Tamil academics lived in Trichy and contributed much to Tamil literature, and today it is a major trading center, known for its diamonds, cigars, fabrics, glassware, and wooden and clay toys. The tour includes the Stone Fountain Temple and the Ranganathswamy Temple, dedicated to Vishnu.


Holiday Destinations in India, Chennai is one of the most important ports of India and is a cosmopolitan city of courtesy, charm, and culture, of temples and forts, churches and beaches, mosques, parks, and monuments. Chennai was the site of the first settlement of the “British East India Company” and was founded in the year 1639.


Holiday Destinations in India, A traditional village, Madurai can be proud of its 2500 years heritage. It functions as a commercial center since 550 AD, and was the capital city of the Pandya kings. The famous Meenakshi Temple dominates the architecture with its bright colors and its vestibule of thousand columns carved exquisitely. Visit Meenakshi Temple, a splendid example of Dravidian architecture, and Tirumala Nayak Palace, a graceful building, built in the Indo-Saracenic style. Afterwards, visit the Alagar Hills and the impressive Tirupara Kundran Stone Temple.

Best Holiday Destinations in India


Holiday Destinations in India, next to the Kabini River, Nagarhole National Park is impressive because it has all the flora and fauna of the Nilgiri region: the Bengal Tiger, the Langur monkey, bison, leopards, Asian elephants, deer, wild dogs, and a large variety of birds. In the morning and in the afternoon, safaris to see animals in Nagarhole National Park with guide/naturalist.


Holiday Destinations in India, formerly a colony of France, Pondicherry is a fascinating synthesis of European and Indian culture. For years, its unique charm attracts travelers from all over the world. With its friendly atmosphere, its seaside location, and its attractive shops and restaurants, it is an ideal place to relax.

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