Silent Valley National Park

Silent Valley National Park

Silent Valley National Park

Park At A Glance

IUCN Category II (National park)
State Kerala
District Palghat
Area 89 Sq. Km.
Year of Notification 1984
Latitude 11o 04-11o 13’N
Longitude 76o 24-76o 29’E
Altitude 658m to 2,383m. Mostly lies between 880m and 1,200m.
Special Status Rain Forest
Recommended Period for Visit September – March
Nearest Town Mannarghat (32 Km)
Nearest Railway Station Palghat (75 km)
Nearest Airport Coimbatore (155 Km)

Silent Valley National Park: Silent Valley National Park also known as Sairndhri Vanam (the forest in the valley) is located at southwest corner of Nilgiri hills, Palakkad district of Kerala in South India. It rises abruptly to the Nilgiri Plateau in the north and overlooks the plains of Mannarkkad in the south.

Silent Valley National Park
Silent Valley National Park

The Silent Valley forest was declared a national park on 15th November 1984, under the 1972 Wildlife Protection Act by the State Government.

Forming the core area of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, Silent Valley perhaps, is one among the most magnificent gifts of nature to mankind. The park is unique in having a well-preserved patch of tropical forest in all its pristine glory. The difficult terrain and remote location has turned a blessing in disguise, by protecting the forest from the insatiable demands of man.

The presence of hills and the wind direction determines the amount of rainfall received at any place in the park. The northern region receives rainfall as high as 7500mm. The western parts and southern parts get 4550mm and 3200mm of rainfall respectively. Most of the area experience rains during the southwest monsoon. The region has a moderate climate, with temperature varying from 8 to 27 degree Centigrade. On the north of this park lies the Nilambur south division and Nilgiri forest. Adjacent to this area are the Mannarkkad division and Attappadi forest on the south and east respectively. The Nilambur division is contiguous with the park on the western side.


Fauna in Silent Valley National Park:

Mammals in Silent Valley National Park: There are at least 34 species of mammals at Silent Valley including the endangered Lion-tailed Macaque, Niligiri Langur, Leopard, Malabar Giant Squirrel, Nilgiri Tahr, Peshwa’s Bat (Myotis peshwa) and Hairy-winged Bat. There are nine species of bats, rats and mice. In addition to the above-mentioned ones, almost all the animals inhabiting Peninsular India are also seen here. To mention a few -Tiger, Leopard cat, Jungle cat, Fishing cat, Common palm civet, Stripe necked mongoose, Ruddy mongoose, Small Indian civet, Wild boar, Brown palm civet, Wild dog, Barking deer, Mouse deer,Sloth bear, Otter, Flying squirrel, Malabar giant squirrel, Porcupine, Sambar, Gaur and elephants.

Birds in Silent Valley National Park: There are around 170 species of birds have been identified, of which 31 are migrants. These include rare species like ceylon frogmouth, great indian hornbill, Indian black crested baza, Bonellis hawk eagle, Rofous bellied hawk eagle, Shaheen falcon, Short eared owl, Peninsular scop’s owl, Ceylon frog mouth, Nilgiri Wood-pigeon,, Nilgiri laughing thrush, Rofous bellied short wing, Malabar Parakeet, Malabar Grey Hornbill, White-bellied Treepie, Grey-headed Bulbul, Wynaad Laughing Thrush, White-bellied Shortwing.

Silent Valley National Park
Silent Valley National Park

Reptiles in Silent Valley National Park: Among the 35 species of reptiles identified, Calotes rouxi, Salea horsefielda, Calliophis nigrescens are endemic. The endemic species of frogs found here are Bufo silentvalleyensis, Micrixalus thampii and Ansonia rubigina. Homaloptera pillai is an endemic fish found in the waters of Kunti River. The insects include Gellia kuntiae, Oxylobus silentius, Lanceonotus mukkaliensis, Tricentrus syrandrikae. More than 100 varieties of butterflies and 400 species of moths had been identified.

How to Reach in Silent Valley National Park

By Rail: The nearest Railway Station is Palakkad Junction (Olavacode) which is nearly 60 Kms away from the base camp of the National Park.

By Air: Nearest Air Ports are Cochin (135KM), Coimbatore (60 KM) and Calicut (80KM).

By Road: From East: Palakkad (40 KM) and Coimbatore (85 KM)

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