Jashpur Tourism

Jashpur Tourism

Jashpur Tourism and Travel Guide

History of The City: Jashpur in Chhattisgarh is perfect for a leisurely weekend getaway. The tribals and splendid waterfalls are the main attraction of the place. Located on the western part of the state, the whole topography is divided into Upper and Lower Ghat. The upper ghat is ideal for trekking and hiking with hilly terrain and a whole zone of reserve forests. The lower ghat on the other hand abounds in grasslands and cascading waterfalls. The tribal villages with their own norms, tradition and lifestyle enchants tourist to no end. Their rhythmical dance is one of the major attractions of the place. The History of Jashpur is equally interesting.

The History of Jashpur records that the place was inhabited by Uraon tribals. These tribals moved here from Rohtasgarh and settled mainly in the jungle because it provided them ample opportunity for cultivation. After the entry of the missionary priests things changed. They adopted the Christian faith. In 1818 the princely state of Jashpur was taken over by the British Raj. According to a provisional

Waterfalls in Jashpur
Waterfalls in Jashpur

agreement made with Madhoji Bhonsle the British gained accession over the territories of the place. Some of the erstwhile rulers of Jashpur were Raja Ranjit Singh, Pratap Narayan Singh, Raja Deo Saran Singh etc.

The tourist spots are as interesting as the History of Jashpur. You can perhaps take a leisurely stroll through the many waterfalls of the region. Rajpuri Waterfalls near Bagicha is a photographer’s haven. The rock cut Kailash cave is another spot worth visiting.

Shopping: Shopping is an inseparable part of any tour to any part of the globe. Apart from the prime intention to know the place and its people, to explore its quaintness, if any, or its specialty for that matter, a traveler will definitely be bent on gathering special items from that part of the world. India, one of the favorite destinations of tourists from far and near, has numerous exclusive tourist sites to charm you with. Each place has a specialty of its own and the only mementos apart from its memories and snaps are the collections of curios which represent the culture of that area. While in Chhattisgarh, your Shopping in Jashpur will be really an exciting experience.

A Tour to Jashpur is not an exception as far as the tourists’ shopping appetite is concerned. While you are in this scenic town of hills, waterfalls, caves and dense forests inspiring awe and mystery, you will not miss out on What to buy in Jashpur. The chief items demanding special mention include certain ornaments and jewellery, handicrafts and fabrics.

While Shopping in Jashpur, the comb is that special item which will catch you attention on the first. The carved combs are beautiful to look at and attach due importance as they are used as gifts/tokens of love by young people to their mates. The combs for the men are bigger in size and that for the girls are smaller. They are mostly made out of roots or thick stems and have images of animals and birds carved on them with knives.

One of the finest forms of handicrafts of Chhattisgarh is the Dokra art. It is basically the creation of beautiful brassware using the lost-wax process. Various dokra items including vessels, images of gods, men, women and animals are available here.

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