Munnar Tourism


Munnar Tourism and Travel Guide

HISTORY OF MUNNAR: Munnar has an ancient history and prehistoric relics discovered around the area point to Stone Age civilization. However the written historyMunnar begins from the 10th century onwards.

In Tamil, the word Munnar means three rivers and as it is at the confluence of three mountain streams, the name is apt. In the year 1790, the Duke of Wellington became the first European to visit the area and the Tamilians (known as ‘Muthuvans’) also migrated to Munnar and nearby places during this period.

In the early 19th century, the headman of the villages of Anchanad, Kannan Thevar, held lands to the north of the high ranges, which belonged to the local Rajah of Poojar.

In 1877 said Poonjar chief, a subordinate of the Maharaja of Travancore, leased 588 sq. km of land around Munnar to a Mr. J D Munro, a British lawyer cum tea planter. This tract,

Munnar Tourism
Munnar Tourism

henceforth called the Kannan Devan (Kannan Thevar) Concession Land, was completely undeveloped, largely unexplored, and covered with thick jungle.

Thus Mr. Munro had a huge task ahead of him, but succeeded in clearing it all for tea production and the plantation still exists to this day. (According to records however, the first tea sapling was planted by A.H. Sharp at Parvathi, part of the present Sevenmullay estate, which then consisted of 20 hectares (50 acres) of cleared land in the surrounding jungle.)

In 1895, Messrs Finlay Muir & Company bought Munro’s land and almost 100 years later in 1976 Tata-Finlay Ltd. purchased it. Then in 1983 James Finlay Group sold their remaining share holdings and the company became known as Tata Tea Ltd., the largest integrated tea company in the world.

Although many years have passed, this area still grows tea (a lot of it) and the remaining surrounding jungle remains largely untouched offering a wonderful resource for a true Indian adventure like no other with numerous sightseeing activities and in the areas more recent history, hotels, to accommodate the visitors who now flock to this popular spot in the hills.

How to reach Munnar by Air: The nearest airport is Kochi, 130 km away from Munnar.

How to reach Munnar by Rail: Kochi is the nearest railway station, which is connected to all the major cities in India.

MunnarHow to reach Munnar by Road: Munnar is accessible by road from most of the cities and town in Kerala. You can also reach Munnar form Coimbatore (6 hrs away) and Madurai (6 hrs away) in Tamil Nadu.

The Eco-friendly hotel of Munnar, Best Western Fort, Munnar is a four star rated hotel in this beautiful hill station. The hotel presents a breathtaking view of the slopes of tea and coffee plantation and cardamom plantation. This hotel is surrounded by a serene forest which is in fact home to some of the exotic spices. These spices are exported all over the world. Best Western Fort, Munnar. You can have a splendid view of the Anayirangal Lake as well from Best Western Fort Munnar. As a matter of fact this hotel is situated at a height of 6000ft above the sea level.

Accommodation at Best Western Fort Munnar

The architectural splendor of Best Western Fort, Munnar makes it a stand out monument in Munnar. Best Western Fort, Munnar presents a picture of a royal colonial fort. The guests have a choice of staying in Deluxe Room, Executive Mountain View, Executive Lake View, Executive Suite and Royal Suite as well. There area total number of 26 deluxe rooms and 4 suites. There are provisions for extra person as well. All these rooms are fully furnished with spectacular wooden flooring and modern furniture.

Shopping: Munnar is not a shopping destination. It is famous for its tea and spice plantations. However the tourist need not feel disappointed because there is ample scope for tea and spice shopping in Munnar.

Munnar Tourism
Munnar Tourism

In Munnar you can find several factories, shops and outlets from where you can buy tea and spices, which also make ideal gifts. If you are a tea connoisseur, then you can check out the different tastes and flavors of tea. You can also carry a few leaves as souvenirs straight from the factory.

For extensive shopping you can stop at Kochi, form where you can pick up beautiful handicrafts typical of the state of Kerala.

Cuisine: Like most of Kerala, Munnar has staple diet of rice and fish. Also, there would be coconut in all the food items that are prepared here. There are also many households that make tasty homemade south Indian dishes like idli, sambhar and vada. Most of the food is cooked in coconut oil but if you don’t like its taste you can inform the management of the hotel or the cook to lessen it. The famous banana chips of Kerala are also very tasty.

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