Best Tourist Destinations in India

By : Renu Shekhawat

Tourist Destinations in India – Protecting yourself from the rays of the sun at the entrance of Fort Amber in Jaipur. Colorful, energetic and sumptuous. India is the country you should visit if you are looking for sensory experiences to the limit. Check out India’ Invitation list of these Best Tourist Destinations in India, with information on when to go, depending on weather, cultural events, expenses and season.


Best Tourist Destinations in India – The city is in full technological boom and here many entrepreneurs live in the information technology sector. Investor financing should be what is fostering the emergence of countless commercial premises, such as Brigade Road or the upscale UB City Mall. There are also many bars and restaurants, beer seems trendy and Mavalli Tiffin Rooms is a jewel in the old style.

TopTourist Destinations in India

Traffic is as dense as pollution and newly built buildings pile up before your eyes, but if you head downtown you will see pretty well-preserved colonial buildings, the Windsor-inspired Palace and greenery like Cubbon Park. Best time to go: from September to February

New Delhi

Tourist Destinations in India – Reflection at the entrance of the Jama Masjid mosque in New Delhi. The state and cultural capital of India is so huge and bustling that you have to work your way out elbows. In hot summer it is stifling and winters are cold, but at least the terrain is flat, so it is easy to walk along its lively streets eating golgappas and chaat papdi (typical donuts and fried bread filled).

TopTourist Destinations in India

Even so, take the metro if you have the opportunity. Order a cocktail at the Imperial Hotel, stroll through the bazaars of the old part, head to the Red Fort to enjoy the mughal architecture and then do some meditation in the tranquil, flower-shaped lotus temple. A treat! Best time to go: October and November


Best Tourist Destinations in India – The Kapaleeshwar temple is filled with carved figures in detail. Chennai is a very hot Tourist Destinations in India and known for its traffic. It show its charm at the moment, although it is a colorful and lively place, full of artistic corners and temples of cheerful colors.

Best Tourist Destinations in India

Head to the colonial center of George Town and visit Fort St George, built by the British East India Company and the surrounding area. To enjoy a moment of tranquility go up to the nearby gopurams, ancient temples towers that show the Empire State. Best time to go: December to March


Best Tourist Destinations in India – Resting next to the Charminar mosque and monument in Hyderabad, India. The old part of Hyderabad represents the essence of ancient India, where cows roam the crowded alleys. The vendors of the markets sigh the prices of their products and the smell of chai (tea) and local biryani goat flood the environment.

Tourist Destinations in India

The iconic Charminar monument and the ancient mosques, like Mecca Masjid, rise majestically on modest streets, evoking the glorious past of the city. In the west, visit the so-called “Cyberabad”. You will feel like you have just traveled to a Japanese neighborhood full of technology venues. If you do not have much time, focus on the historic center and its beautiful architecture. Best time to go: from November to February


Tourist Destinations in India – The pink beauty of the private courtroom in the Palace of the City of Jaipur. Dubbed the “pink city” by the tone of its buildings, Jaipur shines with its own light. The center of everything is the Palace of the City, where the ancient Indian royal family lives. There is so much to see in this city. Take a picture of Jal Mahal, the palace floating on the water; visit Govind Dev Ji, an emblematic temple protagonist of numerous legends of the god Krishna; contemplates the stars from Jantar Mantar, an astronomical observatory declared patrimony of the humanity by Unesco.

Tourist Destinations in India

Looking for more movement? Visit the bazaar in the center or join the talking crowd of the Raj Mandir Theater, one of the most famous in the country. Best time to go: from November to February


Best Tourist Destinations in India – Kerala is the setting for the novel The God of Small Things, awarded the Booker Prize, a wonderful tropical paradise deep in the south of India. Clear waters, extensive beaches and tall jackfruit and cashew trees full of fruits. If you are looking for an oasis away from the crowds and noise of the rest of the country, this is the place you need.

Top Tourist Destinations in India

Take a route through the Blue Mountains of the Western Ghats and marvel at the waterfalls of Athirapally. Cross the lakes or enjoy watching the boat race Vallam Kali, which takes place in the month of August. The gastronomy of the area is very spicy, so have coconut milk on hand to calm your taste buds. Best time to go: from January to March (although Kerala has a tropical climate all year round)



Tourist Destinations in India – The business district of Pune. It is rich, green and cultured, and receives the nickname of “Oxford of the east”. It also has as many bikes as the English town. There are many university institutions, so here if you like books here you will be in your sauce. Join the party students on Fergusson College Road on a Saturday night or grab a coffee laden with a good book in hand at one of the many cafes in town.

Tourist Destinations in India

Visit the ancient University of Pune, one of the oldest in India, ride on horseback through the Bund Garden and look at the Shaniwar Wada palace, burnt down by fire. Enjoy local cuisine and visit Koregaeon Park, known locally as ‘the restaurant district’.

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