Best North India Tour Packages

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Best North India Tour Packages

India’s Invitationcontinuese the guide to organize your first trip to India addressing an essential aspect: the itinerary. The first thing to keep in mind is that India is a huge country, so pretending to cover everything in one trip is a folly as well as impossible. On the other hand, if this is your first trip to India, you have to expect that you will need time to assimilate all the emotions, sensations and cultural shock of the first few days. The first question you have to answer is how long you have to travel in India. It is not the same a week as two or a month, and depending on it you will have to manage the days in the best possible way.

Assuming that on your first trip to India you want to know the essential and most famous of the country, then your destination is the north. Starting from this base, here are some ideas to design your itinerary according to your time. One week itinerary If you only count on one week the most successful will be to follow a tour of the Golden Triangle (that is, Delhi, Jaipur and Agra) and Varanasi, an essential city in every trip to India worth its salt.

A day in Delhi, two in Jaipur, one in Agra, two in Varanasi and another back to Delhi to pick up your plane will be enough to give you a first image of the country, although it will not leave you much time to rest and assimilate experiences between city and city. I am not very supportive of it, but if this is your choice it may not be a bad idea to have the organization of a specialized agency like India’s Invitation, since delays in trains and other incidents that can occur on a trip like this one good diarrhea), could have harmful consequences, such as that you were forced to lengthen your stay in a city and did not arrive in time to see everything else. It goes without saying that a week is very little time to travel in India, so I personally recommend you take advantage of that week to make another trip, and book India for when we have at least fifteen days to travel in a slower and pleasurable way .

Two week itinerary our suggested itinerary for two weeks of travel is as follows:

Delhi (two days)

I extend the stay time to two days for two reasons. In the first place, because I assume that from the plane trip you get tired, and a couple of days to take things slow do not come badly to anyone. On the other hand, Delhi is a city that, although preceded by a certain bad reputation, has many many interesting things to see. The opposite option for those who have really bad cultural shock is to book the second day in the city for the end of the trip, giving you time to adapt and arrive in Delhi wanting to enjoy it.

Jaipur (two days)

The “pink city” (see Monochrome Cities in the state of Rajasthan), lively markets, buildings of great beauty (note the Palace of Winds) and other interesting visits in the vicinity. Do not miss the opportunity to go an afternoon to see an authentic Bollywood movie in the beautiful Raj Mandir cinema. You can read all our post about Jaipur here.

Best North India Tour Packages

Jaisalmer (two days)

I miss the words to do justice to the beauty of Jaisalmer, the golden city surrounded by the dunes of the Thar desert. Must visit is its strong, havelis and not far, the cenotaphs of Bada Bagh. If you have more time, a camel safari can be an interesting experience. All our post about Jaisalmer here. Jodhpur (one day). The interesting and obligatory visit (with audioguide in Spanish) to the fort that dominates the city is worth, above all, by the beautiful views that from there are contemplated of their blue terraces. Climbing to the top of the hill can be done on foot without problems.

Jodhpur (one day)

The interesting and obligatory visit (with audioguide in Spanish) to the fort that dominates the city is worth, above all, by the beautiful views that from there are contemplated of their blue terraces. Climbing to the top of the hill can be done on foot without problems. Udaipur (two days). One of my favorite cities in India, and a real spa around Lake Pichola where the pace of life is noticeably calmer than in other cities of the country, which is why I think the ideal place to simply rest a couple of days. All our post about Udaipur here.

Agra (one day)

Agra is awarded only one day, but if you have more than fifteen days to travel in India you will not do wrong by dedicating two. And, I always say, Agra hides many small treasures besides the unmatched Taj Mahal. Do you want to know which ones? You can see all our post about Agra here. Varanasi (three days). India in its pure state, with all good and bad, wild, brutal: that is Varanasi. It is essential to go on a boat trip at dawn, as well as to attend the cremations on the banks of the sacred river Ganges; always, of course, with the greatest of respect. All our post about Varanasi here.

Best North India Tour Packages

Delhi (one or two days)

If it is your last day in the city you can take the opportunity to take a walk in Chandi Chowk and do the last shopping in Pahar Ganj. In case you still have the extra day of saving the arrival, here you have all our post about Delhi with places you can not miss. Personal recommendation: do not forget to visit the Sikh temple and have lunch in your communal dining room, a unique and unrepeatable experience.

I hope these keys will help you prepare a suitable itinerary for your first trip to India. Anyway, there are still many things we have not talked about, places to visit if you have more than two weeks in the country, and cultural aspects to remember. Tomorrow we will continue with it.

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