Elephant Safari in India

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Elephant Safari in India

Elephant Safari, India Vacation Travels Elephant Safari in India

The lord of the jungle is indeed the elephant and not the tiger as many believe. Elephants in the wild call for more caution than any other animal.

Elephants have figured in our mythology and have been a part of Indian life for three thousand years. Ganesha the elephant headed Hindu god is worshipped as a harbinger of good luck and prosperity. Elephants are a common sight on our roads and temples and as a source of power still find use in forestry operations.

Elephant Safari in India
Elephant Safari in India

About Elephant Safari

Elephant safari helps the visitor to travel through such difficult terrains where even jeeps cannot venture. And why not, riding an elephant takes you back to the royal era, when only the kings use to ride on these majestic beasts, since nothing can even compare with the majesty of the Pachyderm.

Equipped with a howdah, a large seat on which they would sit, complete with soft silk cushions, and with a ceremonial umbrella over the riders head, modern day elephant safaris may lack in comparison wElephant Safari, India Vacation toursith the ones that use to be done by the kings, but are no less regal on that account.

The elephant moves slowly and steadily, that’s why this type of safari is ideal in and around the wild regions or within the vicinity of the wildlife sanctuaries, where riding the elephant can give you an easy excess for viewing the wildlife. More of all a elephant safari tour in the tropical wildlife sanctuaries of India gets you up, close and personal with these majestic animals.

Elephant Safari Tips

Since elephant safari is an elaborate affair, and requires many attendants for the elephant as well, such safari camps too tend to be a more lavish, and make the best choice for the incentive groups who are promised to get a journey to remember.

Just like the tours there are certain essentials you have to keep in mind for elephant safari trip too. The weather conditions can vary a lot, especially in a desertic or tropical climate you require a good backup of plenty of portable water to avoid dehydration as well as sun screen, goggles, and a first aid kit.

Elephant Safari in India: Elephant Safaris In Himalayan Regions

Elephant Safari in India
Elephant Safari in India

In the North and the North East India elephant safari makes the best option of exploring the wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, especially the ones that are located in the Himalayan region. If you Elephant Safari, India Package tourshave gone to some national parks of the state and ridden an elephant in search of a tiger, then you would be quite aware of the immense versatility of this majestic animal in negotiating the difficult Himalayan terrain that even a jeep will not traverse. Why not an elephant for a long ride, covering days? Well, in the Himalayan forest regions you can do it, especially in national parks such as Corbett in Uttaranchal and Kaziranga in Assam.

Elephant Safari in Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Take a tour of the Periyar sanctuary on motor launches in search of wildlife and you’d be surprised with what you see. Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is the best elephant hub; any animal lover would love to check out. From the rooms of the forest rest houses provided by the Kerala forest department to the tourists within the vicinity Periyar, you can get a wide-screen view of the whole sanctuary.

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