Kawardha Tourism

Kawardha Tourism

Kawardha Tourism and Travel Guide

History of The City: Kawardha is a small town in the State of Chhattisgarh which was previously a part of Madhya Pradesh. The place is situated in the region around the Maikal Ranges and lies to the South east of the Kanha National Park and to the South of River Sakri. The presence of tribal inhabitants like the Gond and the Baiga tribes further enrich the charm of the place. Let us now get to know about the History of Kawardha.

Kawardha has been officially declared as a district in July 1998 after which the District of Kawardha was renamed as Kabirdham. The popularity of Kabir Sahib in the region generated by the descendants of one of the disciples of Kabir named Dharmdas is the sole reason for such a name given to

Temple in Kawardha
Temple in Kawardha

the place which was the seat of Kabir Panthis prior to Damakhera, which is situated in the district of Raipur.

The origin of Kawardha is the political map of India can be traced to the period between 1895 and 1902 A.D. At that time Kawardha belonged to the District of Mandla. In the following periods, Kawardha became a part of several districts in Madhya Pradesh. Between 1903 and 1911, Kawardha was a part of the Bilaspur District while the period between 1912 and 1948 saw Kawardha as a part of the Raipur District. Kawardha was then included in the District of Durg from 1948 to 1973. Finally from 1973 to 1998, Kawardha was a part of the Rajnandgaon District before it became a district in its own in 1998. The place was inhabited by backward communities and the schedule tribes over a period of time. However, Kawardha has a history of its own which is clearly evident from the various monuments and temples, the most famous among which are the Kawardha Palace and the Radha Krishna Temple. Such History of Kawardha, India certainly induces the tourists to visit the place that promises to be an experience to remember.

How to reach Kawardha?

By Air: Raipur (120 km), the capital city of Chhattisgarh, is the nearest airport from Kawardha.

By Rail: The nearest major railheads from Kawardha are Raipur (120 km), Bilaspur (124 km), Durg (120 km), Rajnandgaon (120 km), Dongargah(120 km) and Jabalpur(220 Kms.) the best may be Raipur as there are so many buses to reach kawardha

By Road: Kawardha is in midway of NH-12 (A), (Raipur to Jabalpur National Highway). Kawardha is well connected by roads from Raipur (120 km) , Bilaspur (124 km), Durg (120 km), Rajnandgaon (120 km), Dongargah(120 km) and Jabalpur(220 Kms.) with regular buses playing between these locations. the best may be Raipur as there are so many buses to reach kawardha.

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