Raipur Tourism

Raipur Tourism

Raipur Tourism and Travel Guide

Raipur History: The story so far Raipur is a pretty old city, even by the yardstick of the many ancient cities found in the Indian subcontinent. Kings of the Satvahana dynasty ruled the region between the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD and were

Jagannath Temple in Raipur
Jagannath Temple in Raipur

followed by the Somvanshi kings whose capital was at Sirpur, a few hours away from Raipur. The earliest evidence of Raipur’s existence can be found in the 9th century ruins in the southern part of modern Raipur.

A later dynasty, the Kalchuris had their capital at Ratanpur, and it was a scion of this dynasty, King Ramachandra, who founded the city of Raipur, subsequently the capital city of his kingdom. The city was named ‘Raipur’ after Ramachandra’s son Brahmdeo Rai. Once the region disintegrated into small little principalities, it passed from one powerful empire to the other till it came under the British in 1854. The British made Chattisgarh a separate administrative area or Commissary with its district headquarters at Raipur.


Raipur Location: The city of Raipur is lies in the centre of the state of Chattisgarh, with the Mahanadi River to its east and thick forests to the south.

Rainfall in Raipur: 1200 mm. (July to mid-September)

Climate of Raipur: Summer: 45 °C – 29 °C

Winter: 27 °C – 10 °C

Best Time to Visit: October to March

How to Reach Raipur?

By Air: Raipur is connected by Air with Delhi-Bhubaneshwar, Bhopal,and Jabalpur.

By Rail: It is an important station of S.E. Railway on Mumbai, Nagpur-Calcutta Route.

By Road: The National Highway 6 passes through the city and National Highway No.43 links it with Vijaya Nagaram.

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