Top things to do in Nepal

By : Renu Shekhawat
Top things to do in Nepal

Top things to do in Nepal, land of Everest, the highest mountain in the world, and the place where Buddha was born, Nepal is the ideal place for those who seek its mysticism as well as for the most intrepid and adventurous travelers. Here we discover the 5 best things to do and see in Nepal:

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Top things to do in Nepal

Getting lost in the medieval streets of Bhaktapur

Top things to do in Nepal, the Kathmandu Valley has the highest density of World Heritage sites in the world. Of the three historical cities of the valley, the best preserved is the medieval village of Bhaktapur, with temples, pagodas and ornamented ponds. The winding alleys between traditional red-brick buildings lead to squares that locals use to dry grain and shape pottery. The streets without traffic are fabulous to explore on foot, but for a complete experience it is essential to stay overnight or go to one of the local festivals. The city suffered some damage due to the earthquake, but in general the architectural set retains almost all its splendor.

Best things to do in Nepal

Patan, the lost city

Top things to do in Nepal, Attached to Kathmandu as if it were an extension of it is Patán. A city that according to the legends and people of the Himalayas is the oldest in the Kathmandu Valley. Whether true or not, Patan is one of the most charming and traditional cities in Nepal. Full of alleys to explore, the best way to get to know it is to get lost in one of its patios interconnected with Buddhist temples hidden at first sight. At dusk, the tourists disappear and its central square, always lively, becomes the meeting point of the locals.

Getting lost in Kathmandu

Top things to do in Nepal, the capital of Nepal is usually for many travelers the first contact with the country. Located in the valley that gives it its name, this magical city envelops the traveler as soon as he steps on it. The old center of old Kathmandu is an open-air museum with magnificent medieval temples, pagodas and chapels. To the north of Durbar Square, the heart of the city and one of the areas most affected by the earthquake, we find the commercial frenzy of Indra Chowk, an artery that connects with the Asan Tole square, packed with spice stalls, vegetables and unique delicacies such as salt from the Himalayas and cleaning products such as yak tails (used to clean the temples).

Top things to do in Nepal, although if you are looking for trekking equipment and technical clothes you have to go to Thamel, the backpackers area with Wi-Fi cafes, hotels and countless souvenir shops where bargaining is mandatory.

Try some of the Nepalese culinary delights

Top things to do in Nepal, the Nepalese cuisine tends to be quite simple, although very seasoned with spices such as ginger, cumin, coriander, chili peppers or ghee (clarified butter). Rice is the basis of food. But there is a very popular dish spread throughout the country. The momos. Small patties stuffed with meat or vegetables that have become the national (unofficial) dish of Nepal. With a very characteristic taste of the Himalayas, momos can be savored in one of the greatest Nepalese traditional restaurants in Kathmandu, sharing a table with monks in discreet Tibetan cuisine or in a mountain refuge overlooking the Annapurna.

Top things to do in Nepal

Do a trek

Top things to do in Nepal, the experience that many travelers who come to Nepal dream of is to take a two-week excursion to the foot of the highest mountain in the world, Everest (8,848 meters). From the base camp, located around 5,300 meters of altitude, the views of this famous mountain are partial, but some surrounding peaks, such as Kala Pattar (5,545 meters), offer spectacular panoramas and a relatively affordable ascent for the less initiated. in mountaineering.

Top things to do in Nepal, if you have a few days, an alternative is hiking and a great option is the Langtang region, bordering Tibet. Although it was one of the biggest affected by the earthquake, it is worthwhile to enjoy its captivating landscapes that vary from steep hills covered by bamboo to extensive pastures full of yaks and alpine valleys surrounded by peaks that exceed 7,000 meters.

Now that you know the Top things to do in Nepal, it’s time to continue exploring the world. Tell me what you think about this post and if you would like to add another option. Do not forget to share this post with your friends.

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