What to see in India

By : Renu Shekhawat
What to see in India

What to see in India, Colorful, energetic and sumptuous. India is the country you should visit if you are looking for sensory experiences to the limit. Check out our list of places to visit in India, with information on when to go, depending on weather, cultural events, expenses and season.

What to see in India

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What to see in India


What to see in India, Mysore is a city of recognized beauty, whose main attraction is its world heritage palace, with red domes and a kaleidoscopic glass interior. Visit it on a Sunday, when it is illuminated. The architectural wonders continue with the Gothic cathedral of Santa Filomena and the impressive Lalit Mahal Palace, known for its British-style teas. If you’re sweet, try the Mysore Pak, a typical dessert with Indian butter similar to the British fudge. Best time to go: September to January.


What to see in India, located in the blue mountains of South India, Ooty is a must-visit destination if you need a break from the tropical heat. Imagine green hills dotted with eucalyptus and tea plantations that can be reached by a picturesque train. Explore the Botanical Garden, where the summer festival is held in May, and climb to the top of Doddabetta to take photos. Go horseback around the lake and the countryside, try the famous chocolates and tea in the area. Best time to go: March to June.


What to see in India, if you pay attention you can listen to French. «Pondy», as they call it here, belonged to France until 1954 and in the eastern part of the city the French trace can still be seen. The city has a certain bohemian and artistic atmosphere and is the most tranquil you can find in the country. It is best to take the visit calmly and do as little as possible. The old part is full of curious houses, cobbled streets and French-inspired food. Best time to go: October to February.


What to see in India, James Bond fans will recognize Udaipur by Octopussy. Its architectural marvels and tranquil lakes are the perfect setting for a romantic visit. It is a colorful destination in which its annual color festival adds even more color to the city. Even buildings have a bold touch of color. The complex of the City Palace shines with its mirror domes and glass mosaics.

What to see in India, The festival Hariyali Amavasya Mela (fair of the new green moon) is organized in the artificial lakes of the city in the month of August. Best time to go: from August to January.

What to see in India


What to see in India, Munnar was an old summer tourist complex for the British and is a quiet place full of tea trees and mountains with cloud tops. Visit the gardens of the floriculture center, organize a snack in Mattupetti Dam or go to the Echo Point. In the National Park of Eravikulum, you can see leopards, tigers and mountain goats, while in the Salim Ali bird sanctuary there are many species of birds. Best time to go: September to June.

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