Travel Review : Trip to India (Jaipur and Udaipur)

Review by traveler - Jade W.

On 02/02/2017 From Paris

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Rajasthan Tour

Overall Feedback On The Trips And The Servies of India's Invitation

I came to India and Rajasthan was my destination, and in Rajasthan, I had booked my trip for two places that is Jaipur and Udaipur. For making my trip more memorable and excited, I opted an agency for making further enhancing of my journey. I had chosen India’s Invitation for this trip, and they had just given me an incredible experience of my life through this voyage. They just had booked everything for my wife and me. When we reached Jaipur, the driver was ready at the airport, and he took us to Supyar Mahal. At that place, we have gotten up fresh and had delicious Rajasthani food and next day we went for seeing sightseeings of Jaipur. We enjoyed the historical places of Jaipur. For three days we stayed in Jaipur, and we had done lots of shopping also. My wife loved the Rajasthani stuff. Then we went to Udaipur city of the lake, a beautiful destination. We stayed there for three days and there also we went for sightseeing. We like the service of the hotel very much. We were feeling like queen and king at the hotel. Amet Haveli provided with their best services and facilities. The staffs of that hotel were also good. We like Udaipur place very much. It was like we didn’t want to go back to our place. We wanted to stay here, but there is no option left for us. The last day we went back to Jaipur, and there we met with the team of India’s Invitation and my wife and me gave them big thanks for making our trip to Rajasthan so memorable. I would book India’s Invitation for my every trip to India.

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What were the most enjoyable or memorable parts of your trip?

My memorable moment was that I had lived my dream of seeing India.

Services of Hotels

The service of hotels was excellent at both the places. In Jaipur, I stayed with my wife Zassy in Supyar Mahal, and Udaipur stayed in Amet Haveli.

Services of Guides

The service of guides was also good. They were knowledgeable.

Services of Driver

The driver Gajendra was very calm. He was an excellent driver.

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