Travel Review : Trip to Nainital with family.

Review by traveler - Tarun Sinha

On 05/02/2017 From India

Place Visit On This Trip

North India

Overall Feedback On The Trips And The Servies of India's Invitation

I Tarun Sinha resident of Jaipur chose India’s Invitation for planning our excellent trip to Nainital with my family. They had organized the best trip for us. I, my wife and daughter were pleased with their services and facilities. We went to Nainital by road from Jaipur. So, from my place in Jaipur the driver Bhupi picked up and started the journey to Nainital. We reached to Nainital very safely as the Nainital is the hilly area, but the driver was so experienced for driving at that place. Bhupi dropped us to our hotel which was chosen by our agency only, and the hotel was so good and environment-friendly. The hotel’s staff provided us with the best hospitality. I like the facilities and services provided by them. Next day we went to for sight seeing I would say Nainital is such an incredible beauty with the snowy hills and cool breeze. We stayed there for three days and through our three days visit we didn’t feel any disruption in our trip. The guide was also knowledgeable about the place, and he told us about everything about the beauty of Nainital. After staying there for three days, we came back to Jaipur with our driver Bhupi. Bhupi, our driver, was very experienced and familiar to us. Thank You, India’s Invitation for planning such a beautiful trip for us.

What were the most enjoyable or memorable parts of your trip?

Going on a trip with family is the best memories for me.

Services of Hotels

The service of the hotel was excellent in Nainital.

Services of Guides

The guide was also knowledgable.

Services of Driver

The driver Bhupi was also experienced and familiar to us.

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