A small guide to India

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A small guide to India

A small guide to India, most people arrive in the country through Delhi International Airport. Delhi is a huge city, which summarizes a bit what will later be seen in the rest of the region: extreme wealth and poverty. We believe it is good to know the two parts of the city and start, little by little, to learn to relate to the Indians. Will continue this in our next blog stay tuned.

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A small guide to India

In Old Delhi

A small guide to India, walk several times and in both directions Chandni Chowk street and get lost in the small alleys that surround it. Just let yourself go and enjoy everything you see, feel and smell. It is a whirlpool of sensations. There, you can discover the true chaotic life inside the city. A small guide to India, know the Red Fort. In general, there are usually long queues to enter, especially on weekends, as many tourists from other Indian cities arrive in the city.

In New Delhi

A small guide to India, get excited in the Gandhi Smriti, the place where Gandhi spent his last 144 days and where he was killed on January 30, 1948 by a Hindu fanatic. The climate that breathes there is of peace and tranquility, totally opposite to the rest of the city.

A small guide to India


A small guide to India, the area of Rajasthan (“land of kings”) is one of the most beautiful, poor, colorful and traditional of India. It was the land of the marajás. There are many books that talk about them, but we recommend reading Passion India, which tells the story of a Spanish girl who married a maharaja. Through their history they will be able to know what life was like in the palaces and fortresses of the time.


A small guide to India, Jodphur is a very dirty city, but not much more than others. The main attraction is the Mehrangarh fort, owned by the descendants of the Maharaja. In addition to the fort, the city has a shopping area to get lost while you walk and take pictures and a main square where the Clock Tower is located. A good idea if you arrive at the city center in Tucuc from where the bus or train leaves you is to tell the driver to leave them in that place.


A small guide to India, Jaisalmer is known as the golden city because most of its buildings were made with a sandstone of that color. One of the things that is worth visiting is the fort and, inside, the palace, the havelis (traditional houses) and the Jain temples. But above all, the palace. If you can, you should rent the audio guide because we can listen to the stories that took place there and in part of Rajasthan.



A small guide to India, it says that the city of Udaipur is one of the most romantic in Rajasthan. It has a nice atmosphere to walk and see spectacular sunsets at Lake Pichola. The colors of the sunset bathe the palaces yellow and orange and one falls in love with that vision. A bridge divides the oldest part of the city into two sectors: a more bustling one, where along a narrow main street pass tuc tuc, motorcycles, people, cows, and horses, while the horns rumble in the ear again and again. And another quieter sector, where several hotels emerged in recent years.

A small guide to India


A small guide to India, Pushkar is one of those places that over time become a kind of backpacker icon. A small town in the surroundings of a lake, with several hills nearby that you can climb to appreciate beautiful views and with much backpacking. Here, moreover, is where many travelers or merchants arrive to buy “Indian” clothes that they then sell in their countries. The main street of the city is full of shops, bars, restaurants, cyber and posters that indicate the way to the hundreds of hostels or guesthouses. Food stalls include everything from thalis, to pizzas, sandwiches, shawuarma and fruit salads.

Now that you know the small guide to India, it’s time to continue exploring the world. Tell me what you think about this post and if you would like to add another option. Do not forget to share this post with your friends.

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