6 Best Places to Visit in Nepal

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Best Places to Visit in Nepal

Best Places to Visit in Nepal, Nepal is one of the most attractive places in the world that can provide a mix of elements in your vacation. Are you looking for nature, adventure, culture, gastronomy, entertainment, tourism or relaxing holidays? No matter what your idea of a vacation, Nepal is the best place to enjoy. Here are the ten best places you should visit in Nepal.

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6 Best Places to Visit in Nepal

Chitwan National Park

6 Best Places to Visit in Nepal, how would you like to ride on an elephant while and while walking you can observe a wide variety of other animals in a swampy area? Chitwan is the right place for this experience, because it is full of an exotic collection of flora and fauna. You can find several rare species of animals such as leopard, bengal tiger, lazy bear, monkeys, rhinos, deer and many others, you can even find some rare reptiles here.


Best Places to Visit in Nepal, Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal. You can find a lot of attractions in this place; the old streets of architectural wonders, this place is a magnet for tourists who stop in Nepal. You should visit this city that is about 4,600 feet above sea level. There are a lot of hiking trails available in this area, but if you do not want an adventure vacation, you can enjoy a relaxing vacation from any rooftop terrace while enjoying nature and other typical Nepali elements. Do not forget to enjoy lang gastronomy. Among its main attractions you can find the Royal Palace, historical temples in the Durbar Square, historic gardens and many other wonderful places.

6 Best Places to Visit in Nepal


6 Best Places to Visit in Nepal, when you enter the city of Bhaktapur, you will find a lot of brown buildings, it is a very well preserved ancient city. Today, this city stands as a place where you can enjoy the art and culture of Nepal. It is located in eastern Kathmandu and you can find masterpieces carved in wood. Although there are a lot of temples and places of tourist interest, visitors usually come to this place to buy exquisite pieces carved in wood. If you run with a little luck, you can find artists who work and observe how they make the details in wood. You can also see the snowy mountains of this city.

Everest Base Camp

Best Places to Visit in Nepal, it is not surprising that this place is positioned in the first Base Camp Everestr place of the list. This is the closest place that any tourist who does not intend to climb to the top, can approach Everest. Not everyone can climb Everest. But hiking to this field will be a unique life experience. There are a lot of hiking trails that lead to this base camp. This camp is located about 5,000 meters above sea level. This is also the place where mountain climbers rest before the big day – climb to the summit of Everest. You can find a lot of accommodation places.


6 Best Places to Visit in Nepal, Langtang is a picturesque place, a masterpiece of nature in Nepal. It is very common among hikers, since the Langtang trail is one of the world’s famous trekkingen routes, probably because it combines mountains and forests at the same time. This trail can also be covered by bus in approximately 8hrs. The trekking period can vary from 6 to 16 days. That would come through wonderful river currents, food centers, marvels, contemplation of Everest and many others. This trekking is of high level of difficulty and should be taken by experts or masters in hiking. If you still want to enjoy the trip, choose the bus trip through this road.

Best Places to Visit in Nepal

Phewa Lake

Best Places to Visit in Nepal, this lake is located about 15 minutes away from Kathmandu Airport and is one of the most attractive lakes in the Himalayan region. This lake is surrounded by forests, therefore it is a perfect place to picnic and camp. Boat rides are usually not allowed on this lake. The images reflected in the lake go from the currents of the river and mountains covered with snow making this place a truly magical experience.

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