Best things to do in Kerala

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Best things to do in Kerala

Best things to do in Kerala, you must admit that you did not know anything about the state of Kerala before visiting it. We knew some things about India but nothing about Kerala. We do not usually do much research before visiting a place for the first time because we like to be surprised and follow the recommendations of the locals or travelers who are exploring the place.

Best things to do in Kerala, do not to worry for your bookings, hotel booking, train booking, flight booking, car, driver, guide, escort, and shopping anything you need in your travel the team of India’s Invitation will make all the arrangements so perfect for your budget, India’s Invitation says ” travel with us because we care”. The following are some of the best things to do in Kerala

Best things to do in Kerala

Visit the spice plantations

Best things to do in Kerala, in Kerala the spices are a serious topic. Kerala was part of the ancient Route of Spices and can be seen in its traditional food. They will never lack flavor to what they eat in this region of the world.

Visit the Bekal Fort

Best things to do in Kerala, a very emblematic fort of almost 400 years old on the north coast of Kerala. Its time was built to defend the area but nowadays it works as a tourist attraction and everything is very well preserved. When you will visit everything was very green and the contrast with the reddish color of the fort was very beautiful.

Get an Ayurvedic massage

Best things to do in Kerala, the Ayurvedic massages are characteristic of this region of India and all the hotels you are going to stay in offered it. If you ate visiting Kerala, you must try once before leaving Kerala to your next travel destination,

Best things to do in Kerala

Drink coconut water every day

Best things to do in Kerala, Kerala means coconut in Malayalam (the local language). There are coconuts everywhere and it was so that every hotel you are going to stay in, you will be greeted with freshly cut fresh coconut.

Visit a town and enjoy music and dancing with locals

Best things to do in Kerala, you will surely meet several opportunities to see dance shows and local dances but the best moment was when you will be part of this percussion ritual. Grab the rhythm and start dancing and enjoy that moment.

Bathing on the beaches of the Arabian Sea

Best things to do in Kerala, It’s not the Caribbean but the beaches are very good. The only problem is that the sea is very moving. It has a pretty big wave and it’s not for everyone, it’s a bit dangerous if they do not know how to swim well.

Best things to do in Kerala

See a Kathakali show

Best things to do in Kerala, a typical Kerala dance where stories and local legends are told through some movements with the body, but mostly with hand gestures and mostly with crazy facial movements.The clothing and especially the facial paint are very beautiful and different as you can see in the photo. At times the main character is still and his face moves to all sides with an amazing intensity. It seems easy but his facial muscles are very well trained. After a few seconds of imitating him.

Now that you know the Best things to do in Kerala, it’s time to continue exploring the world. Tell me what you think about this post and if you would like to add another option. Do not forget to share this post with your friends.

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