Best things to see in Bikaner

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Best things to see in Bikaner

Best things to see in Bikaner, Bikaner is located in the north of Rajasthan, near the Thar desert, and therefore many people prefer it as a base for camel safaris to Jaisalmer, since the possibility of finding hundreds of camel tourists in Cabalgata de Reyes’s plan is more remote.

Best things to see in Bikaner

Best things to see in Bikaner, it is a fortress city with many buildings of red sandstone that retains its medieval walls. Rao Bikaji founded it in 1488, maharaja of Jodhpur, to which his father yielded this distant and at that time inhospitable possession for fear of his warrior and violent instincts.

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The sun door with sun

Best things to see in Bikaner, Rao, together with a retinue of 300 faithful followers, turned Bikaner into a prosperous city, located at the crossroads of several caravan routes, and thanks to his great military power he was able to resist for centuries the harassment of the Jodhpur clan, with which they had disputed battles.

Best things to see in Bikaner

Best things to see in Bikaner, Bikaner is famous for Rajput architecture and its tough warrior camels, perfect for desert campaigns. In the 19th century, the Bikaner Maharaja sided with the British and gave them 200 camels for the 1842 Afghanistan campaigns. The last of the Maharajas, Ganga Singh (1880-1943), left Bikaner with a huge heritage, which is largely preserved.

Phool Mahal

Best things to see in Bikaner, the phrase “to live like a maharaja” can be applied to all its extension, since it organized spectacular hunts of imperial grouse of the desert and great banquets of which there are chronicles. The Prince of Wales participated in one of these hunts in 1905. The Maharaja had a fleet of Rolls-Royce and other Western luxuries with which he entertained his many guests ..

Golds and mirrors

Best things to see in Bikaner, the Lallgarth Palace is the work of the Ganga Singh fantasy, built in red sandstone and now a luxury hotel, located on the very edge of the Thar desert, from which it emerges as a mirage. The Junagarth fort is a wonder, although the visit is guided in groups, which always bothers me because it does not allow me to concentrate on photography and you have to run after the guide, who looks at you with his eye pierced ..

Decorated ceiling

Best things to see in Bikaner, the fort began to be built in the sixteenth century by Ranj Singh, general of the famous sovereign Akbar. The building was enlarged and embellished over the next 400 years. In his honor it is necessary to say it was an impregnable fortress since it was never conquered, thanks to its moats and battlements.

Carved door

Best things to see in Bikaner, it encloses a labyrinth of 37 ornate palaces, with rooms of marble columns, delicately painted chambers, ceilings covered with mirrors and doors of ivory and wood, temples and a complex of corridors, secret passages, staircases and interior patios.

The Chandra Mahal or Palace of the Moon, with delicate paintings, mirrors and marble screens.

The Phool Mahal or Palace of the Flower, in which the light is filtered by stained glass windows and mosaics of embedded mirrors.

A marble pool in Carrara, with a throne in the center, where the Maharaja sat during Holy, the festival of colors.

The courtroom for current affairs (Sala Durbar) in Mughal style, with silver throne and beautiful paintings on the ceiling of the 16th century.

Best things to see in Bikaner

Mosaic floor

Best things to see in Bikaner, throne room for the coronation with tapestries more than 300 years old and doors carved in Kashmir walnut.

Terrace with stylized arches and views over the walls and what were wonderful Mogul gardens, unfortunately dry today.

Above, the room preferred by the mahraja especially in hot season, therefore, the most ventilated.

It has a large fan that is powered from the outside. The ceiling is tiled and painted with figures of Krishna.

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