Best Tourist Places in India

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Best Tourist Places in India

Best Tourist Places in India, Colorful, energetic and sumptuous. India is the country you should visit if you are looking for sensory experiences to the limit. Check out our list of essential places to visit in India, with information on when to go, depending on weather, cultural events, expenses and season.

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Best Tourist Places in India


Best Tourist Places in India, the state and cultural capital of India is so huge and boisterous that you will have to fight your way out with your elbows. In summer the heat is suffocating and the winters are cold, but at least the terrain is flat, so it is easy to walk through its lively streets eating golgappas and chaat papdi (typical donuts and stuffed fried bread).


Best Tourist Places in India, nicknamed the “pink city” by the tone of its buildings, Jaipur shines with its own light. The center of everything is the City Palace, where the old Indian royal family lives. There is a lot to see in this city. Take a picture of the Jal Mahal, the palace that floats on the water; visit Govind Dev Ji, an emblematic temple that is the protagonist of numerous legends of the god Krishna; See the stars from Jantar Mantar, an astronomical observatory declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

Best Tourist Places in India


Best Tourist Places in India, Kolkata can be a challenge for travelers. High levels of poverty are easily perceived, especially with a backdrop of obvious luxury in the form of golf courses and polo and locals only for members with money. Imagine it as the Indian metropolis.


Best Tourist Places in India, Chennai is a very hot destination and known for its traffic. It does not show its charm at the moment, although it is a colorful and lively place, full of artistic corners and colorful temples. Head to the colonial center of George Town and visit Fort St George, built by the British East India Company and the surrounding area.


Best Tourist Places in India, Kerala is the setting for the novel The God of Small Things, awarded the Booker Prize, a wonderful tropical paradise deep in the south of India. Clear waters, extensive beaches and tall jackfruit and cashew trees full of fruits. If you are looking for an oasis away from the crowds and the noise of the rest of the country.


Best Tourist Places in India, the ancient part of Hyderabad represents the essence of ancient India, where cows roam the crowded alleyways. The sellers of the markets call the prices of their products and the smell of chai (tea) and local goat biryani flood the environment.

Best Tourist Places in India


Best Tourist Places in India, Bombay has twelve million people living crowded in its seven neighborhoods, so be prepared for the noise and noise. It is the main commercial city of the country and concrete skyscrapers abound. Visit the museums of Kala Ghoda, the hanging gardens on Malabar Hill (essential for fans of selfies) and then visit the historic Gateway of India.

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