Celebrate Christmas in India

By : Renu Shekhawat
Celebrate Christmas in India

Celebrate Christmas in India, for years, a new moment has been imposed for traveling: Christmas. What for many is a religious celebration for others has become an ideal time of the year to make a break in the winter cold traveling to warm places. Increasingly, India is one of the destinations that burst with force on the map of the Christmas holidays. And it is with reason, because it offers endless possibilities to make those days of rest an unforgettable experience.

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Celebrate Christmas in India, a vacation during the New Year gives you the opportunity to experience new places, people, smells and tastes. All this can help you develop new creative ideas. Whether you work in a field that requires creativity or not, such a trip can help you become more curious and playful. It can help to deal with the challenges of life in a more productive and effective way. Your New Year’s holiday will give you the opportunity to spend time with your family and friends, which can be a restorative experience. Leave your smartphone and tablets in the bag because the handling of calls, messages and emails can leave you more stressed during the New Year

Celebrate Christmas in India

Celebrate Christmas in India, going to India is the dream of many travelers. To know a distant country with a totally different culture, to learn to live with less and to help a little more. Many of those who have visited this country remember the experience as something that changed their lives, thoughts and values; something they will never forget.

Celebrate Christmas in India, if you are looking to do something different this Christmas season you will have to consider Christmas to feel and enjoy the Indian tradition. Starting from the huge and fabulous forts and palaces built by Rajput king and Mughal emperor of the sunny beaches of Goa and Pondicherry that have beautiful churches of the Portuguese and French era, you will have a Christmas and New Year’s break to fit in with us.

Celebrate Christmas in India, December is a month of school holidays in India, which is why national tourism accounts for a large part of hotel reservations. If we add that the majority of large hotels celebrate both December 24 and December 31, it is important to prepare our trip in advance. We have to organize our trip knowing what kind of experience we want: in India it is possible to live Christmas intensely, or to move to certain quieter spaces to enjoy this immense country.

Celebrate Christmas in India, view from the hotel Amarvilas,  do you imagine spending New Year’s Eve having a private dinner next to a window overlooking the Taj Mahal? This is possible by staying at the luxurious Oberoi Amarvillas in Agra, the city in which one of the most beautiful love stories was transformed into eternal marble at the wish of Emperor Shah Jahnan.

Celebrate Christmas in India, houseboats Kerala … But it is also possible to spend Christmas, or New Year’s Eve having dinner on board one of the houseboats that silently travel one of the most beautiful natural environments in India, the Backwaters of Kerala.

Celebrate Christmas in India, Taj Lake Udaipur … Or enjoy magnificent spa treatments aboard the Taj Lake Palace spa-boat, one of the most charming lodges in the world, at Lake Pichola in Udaipur.

Celebrate Christmas in India
Celebrate Christmas in India, India at Christmas not only offers us luxury and relaxation. Rural India Although for Hindus and for India in general the equivalent of Christmas is Diwali, in India it has been imposed, as in other parts of the world, the figure of Santa Claus, so it is also an experience to visit an Indian family and live the excitement of children before sweets and gifts “is real India”.

Celebrate Christmas in India, a unique proposal to spend Christmas and celebrate the New Year by setting aside conventional celebrations and betting on an alternative and different way. All in tropical and beautiful settings, full of art, history and spirituality …

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