India Travel Guide

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India Travel Guide

Here we are continuing our previous blogs Small Guide to India and A small guide to India to India Travel Guide. Have you ever visited India? Do you die for a cultural trip? India has many attractions for almost any tourist because, despite the fact that mystical or religious trips are the most popular, this country also has beaches, beautiful cities and adventure and gastronomic tourism, among many other things.

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India Travel Guide

India Travel Guide, many people claim that traveling to India can change their lives and this is true. It is impressive to see the contrasts between the poverty that prevails in some areas and the majesty and luxury of great palaces. However, in each corner, there is a great religiosity and a culture rich in traditions, respect for life and each person. Those who have traveled to India more than once recommend India to their friends.

India Travel Guide


India Travel Guide, Jaipur, also known as the pink city because of the color of its buildings, has an old part and a more modern one where little of traditional India remains. The part that tourists usually visit is the old one, where the buildings maintain the reddish color and the chaos and dirt remind us that we are in India. Inside are the City Palace, the Palace of Winds (the most emblematic of the city whose name is Hawa Mahal), museums, temples minarets.


India Travel Guide, everyone arrives to Agra to see the Taj Majal. Beyond that, the city does not have much to offer. The drivers of tuc tuc are always on the lookout to attract tourists and take them for a walk around the city, especially to Agra Fort. But once you have seen Taj Mahal your trip to India is successful.


India Travel Guide, Varanasi is, almost without hesitation, one of the most emblematic, chaotic, colorful and fascinating cities of India. It is a city to stay several days, walk it and not stop to be surprised. Every day, in the afternoon (it is almost always at 19, but this schedule varies according to the time of year) the aarti ceremony is performed, with dances, fire and songs. If you can, it is good to go several nights to observe not only the main ceremony, but also the minor ceremonies that take place along the entire Ganges River coast. Also, do not stop walking several times through the ghats, since you will never see a scene like the other, on the contrary, everything changes permanently and the eyes do not stop to be surprised.

India Travel Guide


India Travel Guide, travelers arrive in this city through the Golden Temple of the Sikhs. It is really very beautiful and different from what we were seeing. A tip: to better understand what life is like in the temple.  One of the “excursions” that are made from Amritsar is to visit the border with Pakistan and see the ceremony of the flags.

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